Pisces Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Pisces in March 2018

This is the month when your year really kicks off. There is a strong sense of karmic reward, where things you have done in the past, i.e., work put in, contributing to another person’s life journey, work done in conjunction with others, etc. can pave the way for new opportunities and open doors for you.

This is a month to develop concrete goals and form strategies that are concrete and robust. There is this tendency to be a little complacent and to think that if you imagine something and then put in a small amount of planning or even let someone else do the planning for you, it will all work out. Sometimes you underestimate what it takes to reach a goal, and you need to do your research. Good information is vital now, and before you accept anything you hear, you need to ask yourself: who is providing this information, what is their motive and what do they have to gain? The best way to get anything done this month is to do it yourself – that is the only way you can ensure quality.

Whatever you envisage, whatever you want in the short or long term can be achieved, but you need a more balanced approach as right now you are a three-legged table where you have the creativity, the vision, the inspiration but are lacking practical planning and application. The answer is not out there; it is with you. The answer is not in another person or in a product you can purchase; you have to generate the answers. Only you have the ideal solution to achieve your aims. There is this tendency you have right now to look for quick fixes and the desire to believe in miracle cures – these can lead you astray, waste your money and throw you off course. The way to deal with this month and the rest of the year is to generate useful information from your own research and creatively use that to find ways of practically bringing about your ambitions in a systematic way.

While other people, i.e., your partner and your peers can be very supportive and helpful right now, they cannot be part of the plan, they are just spectators.

Pisces Career March 2018

This is not a good time for new business partnerships or for forging close ties with an associate. You should hold back on any move to pool resources or go into business with another person until May.

Also, be careful of information you purchase, i.e., data, customer lists, instructive courses, lists, etc. – make sure you purchase from a reputable source where you can check reviews from other customers. There is often great hope followed by a letdown; you may be led to believe a certain ‘product’ is the answer to your needs, and it may turn out to be only 10% useful.

Do not rely on a source or repeat anything unless you are 100% sure that it is true.

If you have a choice between paying to have something done and doing it yourself, do it yourself. In your tax and legal affairs, get a second or even third opinion, and it is also worth ringing a free helpline or citizen advice centre for further help as no advice should be taken without you casting a very critical eye over it this month.

If in doubt, do not believe what you are told. Turn your money over three or four times before you part with it. Follow your instincts and then look for facts to back up what you believe – if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

This month it is vital to know where you stand and by that to know your limitations. You must clarify your position, even if you hear something you didn’t want to hear, it is the first step to making a new plan. Being in the dark may feel comforting, but what you need now is to know the score and to start playing the game according to a new set of rules – your rules.

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