Sagittarius February 2018

Sagittarius Love February 2018

Communicating can be a problem in relationships this month. In fact, age gap relationships where one is significantly older than the other (with the Sagittarian being the younger) can work very well, and yet where you are closer in age, things can be trickier.

There is a mismatch of needs and timing in love: when you are hot, they are not and visa versa. You may also become annoyed when you want to talk about deeper emotional issues, and your partner is distracted or unable to comprehend.

Sagittarians are very intense in love this year; perhaps far more so than in other years, and you want and need more emotional reassurance, which also means more intimate and revealing conversations. It is not enough to joke and have fun; you need to explore the more serious and perhaps spiritual side of the relationship. Problems this month are due to the flippant and fun approach your partner has to love where they prefer to avoid the D&Ms (i.e. deep and meaningful conversations), which you are craving.

You are best to take the ‘if you can’t beat ’em join ’em approach to love’ – leave the deep stuff for another day, and concentrate on the fun side. Valentine’s Day can be good for love and romance as long as you are flexible and don’t take anything too seriously.

Love this month is about being adaptable and living moment by moment without dwelling on or overthinking anything. Let it be, let it be!

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius February

In 2018, you do have a tendency to leap to conclusions, and this month you need to learn to wade carefully through details before you decide what to do next – you can often fall into the trap of thinking all is lost when that is not the case. Mentally, you can swing between optimism and pessimism where both extremes are exaggerated. Moderation and a cool-headed approach are needed. Sagittarians are on the start of something big this year and foundations must be well laid for the best results, and so while cutting corners looks enticing in the short run, in the long run, it will lead to pitfalls.

The key in February is watching the details closely while not losing sight of the bigger picture.

Issues connected to your father or a father figure will be important this month as you look for guidance and security. You father may be able to help you figure something out, or he may give practical assistance to a problem you have. It may not be your father, but a godfather or even a teacher or boss who offers you reassurance and helps you to make a decision. The theme is an older wiser person, probably a male, offering you valuable information and key advice to ease your mind. You will tend to look to the older generation for support right now, and you can find comfort in their experiences and university of life experience. You may re-establish a bond with your father or perhaps establish a bond with a father you never knew for the first time.

Sagittarius Career February 2018

Knowing your limitations this month is actually a strength. Focus on your core abilities and then work on improving and getting more experience in areas you want to expand in. Being honest and totally candid in job interviews can win over an employee. Modesty is a big asset this month. People will actually appreciate it when you do not come on too strong in either sales or negotiations – taking a step back and easing off on the pressure, even if you make it look like you are going to walk away, that can be very effective.

Practical and logical is the key in career this month – what is simple works best, and anything complicated, fussy or long-winded has to be pruned and edited ruthlessly. You need to get to the heart of the matter and cut through anything unnecessary. Being concise and to the point is vital, and when you write reports, speeches or letters, do not waffle, keep it straightforward and succinct.

This is a very good month for working with more experienced or senior members of staff; you may be given a chance to show that you can handle far greater responsibility. You are serious in work right now and highly focused on achieving and getting on, and it shows – you will be noticed, and your work will be recognised. This month is particularly important for those in public positions – you must be beyond reproach and should always follow protocol. This is not a month when being a maverick and going out on a limb can work for you. Work with the system not against it, and document everything you do. Procedure is important in February, so take time to get it dead right.

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