Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Sagittarius in March 2018

This is a very good time for tackling issues in the home and family. You may move home; start renovating a home or build an extension. There may also be changes in your family life, i.e. children who leave home, a parent who moves in or a relative who comes to stay for a few weeks.

This is not only a period of change, but it is a period of fresh starts regarding home life. The changes you make now will improve life and set you up in a better position for the coming years. You may also reach a turning point in family relationships where old issues and flashpoints can be resolved, leading to more productive relationships in the future.

The home is a place of retreat in March where you may spend quiet moments of introspection and contemplation – it is as if you need to sort things out in your head and re-centre yourself before you tackle life again.

This can be a significant time for those awaiting funded housing, i.e. university accommodation, council housing, sponsored housing, etc., or where you live in a home provided by your employer. You will find you can move to somewhere that matches your needs far better.

The principles of Feng Sui can be applied to your home with great effect – clutter in the home can be symbolic of clutter in the mind, and so a good clearout can have a magical effect of helping you feel more in control, disciplined and organised.

March marks a time when you can deal with emotional baggage – you will gain new perspectives that will help you understand past issues and attach relevance to them no matter how painful. For Sagittarius it is important to see meaning in events and circumstances, and once you can see meaning, you can both endure and overcome.

Sagittarius Career March 2018

This month will see a boost for any family business or business run from home – you will have the impetus to implement new measures and expand. There is a chance to appeal to new markets and attract a wider clientele. Those involved in tourism, running guest houses, country retreats or activities with a traditional bent will have a strong month. Those involved in real estate and building will see an increase in sellers and buyers and a general upturn. It can be a good time to invest in the improvement of your business premises or the facilities you offer. March is also ideal for business whose clientele are mainly women or who market to women. Even if you supply products to both genders, it is best to focus your marketing towards women this month. Writers, journalists and those in media sales will see a strong reaction to any publications that focus on family issues, home d├ęcor, food and time/money saving topics. You are more assertive this month and can get the ball rolling without much help – this is a great month for self-starting and favours all of you who need to be self-motivated, i.e. students and those who have to chase after clients and customers to drum up business each month. This month is thus profitable for Sagittarius who work an hourly rate rather than for a fixed salary as effort is directly proportional to money earned and effort put in.

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