Scorpio February 2018

Scorpio Love February 2018

Your love life can be a little all or nothing, but when it’s good it’s very, very good. Scorpio are passionate in February, and things will get you fired up – small gestures of kindness and affection will go down very well with you, and you will more than respond. However, you can be equally overboard when it comes to getting angry. It is good for you to release some emotion, and even angry outbursts can later morph into loving apologies.

You have great sexual appeal right now, which is ideal for Valentine’s Day – you will have men at your fingertips, and you may play coy to keep them guessing. Scorpio are keen on mystery in love this month, and you won’t be spelling everything out to your lover; you may even want to subtly test them to see how well they know you and also how deeply they understand you.

In new relationships, Scorpio will seek partners with whom they feel an immediate chemistry – it will feel right straight away or it won’t; if that instant spark is not there forget it. It may even be that the ‘instant spark’ is an intense feeling of annoyance or anger for a person, which later becomes lust as you realise that you are actually attracted to them. Love and hate are so closely intertwined this month; you can go from one to the other rather quickly, and it will lead to exciting and dynamic relations in love whether you have just met or have known each other for a long time.

Depth and emotional responses are what you crave, and if you need to create some drama to get that, you will.

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Scorpio February

Personal goals for your year are in focus right now. 2017 is done and dusted, and you are suddenly in the second month of 2018 wondering what you should be aiming for this year. This is an excellent year to be more proactive and confident about the pursuit of long-held ambitions and aims – get things that you have wanted to do off the backburner. The motto is DO IT NOW.

What you need to do however, is not to forge ahead right away but rather to plan thoroughly and set out how you are going to approach things. You need a strategy and clear milestones on the way to reaching your goal; it is also about having a plan A, B and C as the indications are that surprise opportunities that open up can lead you to veer off in a new direction. So, you need to have firm plans laid out and yet you also need to be flexible within those plans.

This is a time when your goals will also undergo a change in that you will adjust and redefine them with more maturity and so that they reflect the person you have become without losing any of their allure. You are also better placed to assess where you are regarding achieving those goals and how best to proceed. There is a systematic and cool-headed approach to getting what you want now, combined with a renewed energy and zeal, which make for a terrific combination.

Scorpio will spend less time socialising this month and more time researching and planning for things that matter to you. You will keep your plans close to your chest, maybe only telling one close friend. This is an ambitious time when you seek to make your mark in the world. Positions of social status and prestige matter to you, and it is not only about achieving, but putting your unique stamp or spin on a project or work.

Scorpio Career February 2018

Stand your ground and assert yourself this month – this is the time not to back down but to stick to your guns and hang in there haggling over all the details until the last minute.

This is a very enterprising time and makes for an excellent month to put your foot on the gas with plans to expand your business or apply for new roles. February is excellent for career or job changes that will involve you having more financial responsibility regarding accounting or allocation of funds. A good time to apply for a position in a bank, as bookkeeper, accountant, financial advisor, purser or credit controller.

Scorpio may look for new jobs this month that can provide more financial security and more meaningful interaction with others. You are looking for a role right now that provides a more certain income stream: thus, if you have been working freelance or on a number of small contracts, you may look to secure a longer term big contract or move from being self-employed to seeking employment. Changes you make right now can increase your monthly take-home pay and improve your enjoyment at work by virtue of your new environment being more mutually supportive.

Take your financial affairs in hand this month and see how you can negotiate a better pay rate or a more tax friendly arrangement regarding company car and pension. Learn more about any rebates that are available to you and work with others in your field if necessary to push for improved pay.

Make good sound decisions about money this month and you will reap the benefits.

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