Taurus February 2018

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Taurus February

This is an excellent month for study and education. This is an intense learning period but not necessarily in an academic sense – you may develop a powerful interest in a new subject that can become so absorbing that you get a bit lost in your new world of discovery and neglect other pressing matters.

This a time for a concerted effort on education and training that can transform your life and help you gain more independence. Knowledge is power right now, but it may be advisable to keep some of your best ideas under your hat, so they are not stolen by competitors. You should definitely be aware of copyright laws and be sure that your intellectual property or creative rights are protected.

Your formal education may undergo disruption right now – you may have to be adaptable, as courses you want to do may be fully booked or cancelled, or you may have to fulfil different criteria to what you had previously been told. Personality conflicts with teachers or lecturers can have an impact on
your motivation and ability to concentrate, and you will have to be dogged about continuing in spite of this. Do not be put off as study and learning can actually teach you much about yourself and how to maintain your own discipline in spite of others.

In any contracts you sign, be careful of what powers it will give others (i.e. a company or organisation) over you and your work. Often your research does not always belong to you when done within a study program at university, and so check carefully and hold back anything you don’t want to surrender. Relationships with roommates or people you co-habit with can be filled with conflict – this is not a good time to enter into flat shares or go on holidays with others where you share expenses as it can get very contentious.

It is also an ideal month to become more acquainted with accounting methods or technical matters relevant to your field.

You may travel in order to convalesce or to receive health treatments that may revolutionise your life.

Taurus Love Horoscope February 2018 

There can be a conflict of interests in relationships, this may well be due to the influence of in-laws who can actually be the instigators of problems by placing pressure on you. It is time for the Bull to put its foot down and reestablish some house rules as you may feel your partner is not pulling their
weight and respecting the relationship.

Do not allow your relationship and the direction your relationship takes to be influenced by others – make your own decisions, and do not allow someone to wind you up about something in your relationship that is not actually bothering you. Take any advice with caution. It is best to keep your
relationship issues in house and not to share them with others.

Taurus are rather sexual this month, but it can be hard to get your sexual needs met, and you may feel frustrated. You should use Valentine’s Day as a chance to be a little adventurous – get away from work and your other family members if possible – try something new, i.e. reading erotica together, sex texting or anything that would be out of the ordinary and would help you both to feel more relaxed. Actually, a new location is just what you need right now to jump-start your love life – there is no shortage of passion, but you are just not able to connect due to distractions.

Get away from it all and re-establish some intimacy with the phone off and work well in the distance.

This is not a good Valentine’s Day for a blind date – you need to meet someone from beyond your social circle, and blind dates tend to be friends introducing you to their friends.

Taurus Career Horoscope February 2018 

Friends and group associations can play an important role in career advancement in terms of tips, leads and introductions.

Your decisions will be under scrutiny, and so prepare for searching questions and be prepared to defend your actions – you may be totally in the right, but you may still have to justify your decisions and use of logistics.

There will be increased communication with officials, government departments, tax and regulatory agencies. If you work for a large company, you may find that a merger or takeover causes some uncertainty about your future role – be ready to take on a new or a more extensive role.

You should be careful of advertising in terms of the terms and conditions you are promising – be sure that you can fulfil your commitments and live up to the expectations you have created.

Consistency and avoiding hypocrisy is very important in your work – you can gain a lot of respect in your workplace right now if you can show that you are steadfast in your moral and philosophical approach. Don’t talk the talk if you cannot walk the walk, and hold back on criticising others if your own slate is not clean right now. Pluto has a habit of tripping us up when we lecture and moralise, and so do not be over-confident in your views or grasp of a concept.

If you are a very politically-minded and liberal person, this month is ideal for activism and striking out against the established order and fighting for more just laws and legislation. Lobbying government and putting pressure on your MP/Senator can be very fruitful right now.

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