Taurus Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Taurus in March 2018

This month sees a renewed focus and energy available to direct towards your dreams. Often we lose track of who we are, and we neglect those dreams and ambitions that make us feel alive, but this March will see a renewal of your zest for pursuing those activities related to dreams close to your heart. In many ways, you will feel as if you have a new lease on life as a result of a new person or opportunity that comes your way.

Things suddenly seem to be coming together, and where before it may have been impossible to pursue certain ambitions, now, circumstances are making it easier. There is a great emphasis on emotional fulfilment and on those activities that fulfil those needs.

A friend can be extremely perceptive and supportive right now offering a depth of understanding that is almost psychic. This is a time when a wonderful new friendship, which can last many years can begin. In general, friends are fundamental to your life and well-being right now, and you may actually feel lonely when you are by yourself. Whether you travel or go out to movies, you want to do it in a big group as part of a crowd whom you can share the experience with.

Friends can actually be more supportive than family (who may be a little gloomy and pessimistic) right now. Parents may be draining and demanding; in fact, you may have to parent them this month. Your friendships can actually be a refuge from the emotional demands of family – a place free from responsibility and where you can be true to yourself and let your hair down.

This is a very good month to join mutually supportive groups like AA, weight watchers, singles clubs, anger management, etc.

Taurus Career March 2018

While caution in investing is advisable, this month you can be a little more forthright with decision-making involving money and resources. You may find that you have more money to play with in March due to a tax refund; unexpectedly lower costs; tips; an insurance claim coming through or some form of compensation. It is best to think about how you use this money or set it aside rather than whittling it away impulsively – think about how you can stretch the benefits.

Your team may hit a target and get a monetary reward for your hard work. This is a good month to pursue legal claims via the small claims courts. This month can be very profitable for those in the ‘sex’ industry, i.e. those who write erotica, glamour models, webcam services or who sell lingerie and sex toys. It is a good time to expand or increase your range of services.

March is also a month when those who work on projects that are highly secretive can find great enjoyment and fulfilment in their careers – these careers may include research projects in very competitive industries, police work or industries where there is a very high-security clearance level. In fact, as a civilian, you may in your role as accountant, secretary, bookkeeper, etc be asked to do some work for an organisation where you have to be very discreet, i.e. a government department or the military.

March is a month of hard work, which can also be rewarding, but which requires patience as results may be slow in coming. The actions of your boss may leave you demoralised and a little under-appreciated, but this should only inspire you to go that extra mile to show your levels of professionalism. Holding your head high and not letting things get you down is where you can set yourself apart this month – it is not just about trying to impress colleagues or superiors, you will be very proud of yourself, and for every seemingly impossible hurdle you jump over right now, you will gain confidence.

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