Virgo February 2018

Monthly Horoscope 2018 for Virgo February

A very busy month with loads of responsibility and a need to work within structure. February could be frustrating if you have a rebellious bent, and yet most Virgos can cope with authority and rules to some degree, and so you should be well placed to make the most of the opportunities presented by this month without being driven mad by any red tape or regulations. It’s all about working around things and being clever in the way in which you approach obstacles – you can get an advantage being faster and more efficient in adapting to restrictions, especially from authority.

Parents can be resistant to your aims and ambitions right now, and your sense of self will be tested. Do not look for approval or rely on approval to generate self-confidence. The challenge this month is to generate security and confidence from within and not from external factors or from the approval of those you love and respect. You may actually want to strike out against what you feel is imposed on you to make a stand. This month you will be more aware of restrictions and of anything in your life that is forced on you, and you will seek to break patterns of control.

You may also examine your identity with respect to that of your parents or the society you come from, and you may realise that you have changed, and in making those changes you are moving away from where you came from – this can be a significant period of growth and evolvement for you.

Virgo Love February 2018

Parental influence can be a problem in love relationships both new and old, and this can lead to a compromise situation where you give up or indeed let go of some values or cultural influences you grew up with. You should never exchange one form of control for another, and you should not feel forced to forgo anything important to you; it should come as a natural growth phase where you acknowledge that maybe your partner is now more important to you than your parents regarding your day to day lifestyles.

The planetary positions suggest some form of compromise regarding home life and that some hard decisions may have to be made. Decisions will have to be practical rather than emotional, and it will be up to you to keep a level head and keep everyone on track.

The good news is that Virgos are able to work very well with their partners – there are plenty of areas of agreement and discussions can be very fruitful. If you are facing any challenges as a couple, you can work effectively to resolve or improve these. An excellent month for friendship and loyalty.

Single Virgos may well meet Capricorns or Librans with whom they can form a deep bond this Valentine’s Day – relationships that start now are based on a solid foundation and should be very productive for you both sexually and emotionally.

Virgo Career February 2018

Prioritising is very important this month, and so you need to use judgement regarding what order to do things and also in how best to arrange finances (what debts to pay first, where to invest, what clients to focus on). Limited time and limited money will mean that you have to juggle things with great finesse, and it will also mean you have less leeway than usual; this will not, however, mean you will be less effective.

Matters to do with real estate can come with responsibility, especially if you are a landlord – you should be very careful about who you let property to this month, and it is important to have relevant insurance and legal protection. In businesses involving food, hygiene and quality control is very important. In your business, you need to make a list of your core values and what is the most important thing you offer clients – the reason you need to remind yourself of this is that at very busy times, the most important things can be lost in a sea of confusion. Public relations are very important right now and efforts put into improving them can be very productive.

Supplier relations are vital this month, and so make sure that your most important suppliers are locked into contracts. It may be that businesses you rely on for supplementary services go bust, and so you need to think about backup.

In work, you may have to take on extra responsibility without getting the necessary support, and this can be a little daunting but also an excellent time to show how fast you learn and how adaptable you are.

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