Virgo Horoscope Predictions March 2018

Virgo in March 2018

Companionship and work with a partner are favoured this month. So while last month Virgo preferred to work independently, this month is the time to join forces with someone with complementary skills and abilities. In all works of life, you can gain confidence and achieve more in a pair or a team. One drawback is controlling the competitive element – you need to find someone you can work well with and will not just compete against. In all situations where you work with others, you should not take criticism personally; you may identify very strongly with your ideas and see any challenge to them as an affront, but you need to step away from that attitude and see what you can take onboard and how you can improve in response to advice or constructive criticism.

You must avoid double standards in all relationships – you may not be able to see how your own behaviour can often inflame or exacerbate a situation – learn to have more control over the outcome of any interpersonal confrontation by choosing your words carefully.

You can be very influential right now, and so having clearly defined goals and strategies is important. Your motivation is very high this month, and you are mentally and verbally very sharp.

Virgo Career March 2018

In March, you have an opportunity to bring legal difficulties or disputes to an end; you are also able to turn bad business relationships into more productive ones.

This is an excellent time to establish new trading relationships and also form new alliances with experts, i.e. legal or accounting experts who can help you to run your business more efficiently. Experts can be vital in renewing your business approach, i.e. revolutionising your IT or reducing your tax bill.

There will be a great deal of contact with the public, and businesses that provide social services may be under pressure to justify actions. In any career, you may find that the spotlight is suddenly on your company, and you have to account for your joint actions and decisions under public scrutiny.

Those of you who work as marriage counsellors, negotiators or mediators can have a very successful month. Even if you do not usually work in these fields, a sudden job change may mean that you assume a greater role in the litigation, arbitration or brokerage side of any business.

Careers or business revolving around tourism, culture, and heritage can see an increase in business, and promotional activities can pay dividends.

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