Cancer Weekly Forecasts March 2018

Cancer Weekly Forecast 5th to 11th March 2018

May receive unpleasant news about your some relation. Your efficiency will wane and health may also dwindle. But between 5th & 8th March you may get promotion in your status. During this phase you’ll get good news from every quarter. But don’t rely on strangers and work with total attention. Between 5th & 6th March you may enjoy mental peace though the results received would be of mixed nature. May get relief from some long-troubling worry or tension. Your consideration for others will deepen your relations with others. Loaned out money will be eventually recovered. Financially you’ll be on a very sound footing.

Cancer Weekly Forecast 12th to 18th March 2018

On 8th you may take some vital decision regarding your work or professions, but most of your time will be spent in the company of your kids and family. Between 12th & 15th you’ll be overawed by some futile worries. You must check your dietary habits. At your work place, you could be slighted by your boss or superiors. Your some minor flaw may develop into a major problem. Be careful about your monetary transactions. From 12th March you’ll again have a favourable phase. You may have to change your work-schedule. Most of your time will be consumed in travelling and you’ll be particularly careful about your finances. Upto 16th March the stars will be favourable. On 17th March guests may pour in and you’ll remain busy in looking after them.

Cancer Weekly Forecast 19th to 25th March 2018

Between 19th & 20th the marital life will be nice. You’ll have sweet relations with your family. Health will also be better looked after. You’ll try to revive all your govt. related cases but some hurdles emerging again will stall your progress. Between 24th & 25th you may get some unpleasant message. Your speaking a lie may trap you in a problem. The court-cases may have development contrary to your interest. May have some altercation with your friends or relations. Over reliance on someone may give you some loss. Things will again be favourable between 20th & 21st March. Your hold at your working place will mount in authority. A new wave of thought may energize you further. Between 22nd & 23rd senior family members blessings will be showered on you. Your relation with your spouse shall further improve.

Cancer Weekly Forecast 26th March to 1st April 2018

Between 26th & 27th you’ll get many good opportunities to further advance your career. May suddenly recover some held up or bad-debted money. You shall be more serious about your profession. However, keep your accounts updated and clean. Between 26th & 28th you’ll remain quite busy but still, you may suffer some loss as your trusted persons may deceive you. Be wary also of the unknown persons and entertain no deal with them. Avoid making any fresh investment. Between 29th & 31st you’ll improve your work professionally. May get success in your love escapades. Old investment may get you good return.

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