Libra Weekly Forecasts March 2018

Libra Weekly Forecast 5th to 11th March 2018

On 5th March you may receive an unpleasant news. Your close ones may betray you. You’ll feel entangled in the circumstances. Between 6th & 8th March you’ll have comfortable and profitable journeys. Your hard work will have its due rewards. All State matters will have their quick settlement. A good contact with the high officials will have favourable financial results. Between 7th & 9th March your closely guarded secret may be out. You may still attend some public function. Things will again be on the normal track. You’ll come forward to help someone in great need. On 11th you may get good money. You’ll succeed in a team work or collective activities to achieve a common aim. Money sources will be again operative.

Libra Weekly Forecast 12th to 18th March 2018

On 8th you may lose some money. Your own short temper may ruin all your plans. Even the family’s problem will remain unsolved. Between 12th & 13th March you’ll get success in all your govt. related cases. Your popularity graph will ascend further. Venus in 14th will make you have desired success in your work field with the association of your partner. Your spouse will also support you in every way. Income will be good but expenses will also be heavy. Between 12th & 13th you may get only mixed results. Your some long lasting worry will finally vanish. May buy new ornaments or raiments. It would be a good time to start new projects. Journeys will be useful between 16th & 17th. You’ll pass good time with your relations and friends. New source of income may be created.

Libra Weekly Forecast 19th to 25th March 2018

Between 19th & 24th you’ll indulge in cost cutting to balance your budget and shall do well with such a check. Mentally, intellectually and even emotionally you’ll feel more experienced and capable. But avoid any legal involvement. May go to a quiet religious shrine. Between 19th & 20th March you’ll progress well professionally as well as financially. You’ll have new experiences. Your physical comfort level shall rise. Financial activities like insurance, Bank Share transactions will keep you awfully occupied. Between 20th & 21st you’ll be upset owing to fights and brawls at every place – home or office. Your going projects will be held. Be careful to stay clear from every trap. Between 22nd & 24th work pressure will be heavy. Students will find this to be a favourable phase. Avoid any no. two dealings at this time.

Libra Weekly Forecast 26th March to 1st April 2018

On 26th the students will work hard whose results will be entirely favourable and positive. Guests and relations may drop in. Between 26th & 28th your all pending jobs will be completed. At work place you may not get only desired results. Lovers will have rendezvous with their beloveds. Financially you’ll have very many achievements. May get some good news about your some relation. Between 27th & 28th spouses will have an affection-filled phase, though a tiff with siblings on a trifle matter may upset you a bit. Your enemies and rivals may try to outwit you in your own field. Between 29th & 31st clashes, confrontation, fights and brawls may greet you from every direction. Money loss is also a strong possibility.

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