Aquarius Love, Career, Life April 2018

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Aquarius Life April 2018

This month, working in groups or with your friends can be hard; in one way, you have to rise above the group to get respect and be able to give orders, and yet once you do that, you no longer feel one of the girls/guys. The lesson is that sometimes you cannot get everything done by trying to be everyone’s mate; often you have to take tough decisions that may make you look like the bad guy, even if you are only doing what has to be done.

You will have to work hard to keep morale going and keep spirits up; there are some bumps in the roads regarding goals you share with others, and it is up to you to keep the focus and keep everything on track.

True friendships last storms, and if they do not last, they were not true – you never really know if someone is your friend until you face a tough decision where they must nail their colours to the mast, and such situations may occur this month. It is via financial matters, i.e., money you have loaned to a friend, monies paid regarding fees or subs, or property you have lent out that the issue that tests the friendship will arise.

This month will test your commitment to the goals that you have set yourself as there will be setbacks and periods when you lose energy, inspiration and even hope – despite this temporary despondency, you can gain new insights on how to take things forward more creatively. By taking a few steps back right now, you can actually get a clearer perceptive.

This month it is indirect action that pays off, and so when it comes to any work or project, be subtle, be circumspect, and look deeper. You must use your intuitive ability to think more deeply about every action before diving in as this month there are many important things at play that are not immediately obvious.

Aquarius Love April 2018

The relationships that will fare well this month are those where you both share humanitarian values and are very idealistic. Aquarians have a strong need to contribute to something bigger than themselves, and that may mean donating or volunteering, and this can cause problems if the partner is a ‘charity begins at home person.’

There will be flashpoints in relationships about how to spend money, and it can be hard for you to get your point across. It may be better not to force the issue and to let things quieten down before you take it further. In general, you should not force any issue this month regarding relationship disputes as arguments can go on and on in a rather unconstructive spiral of blame and insult trading. It is best not to rake things up or begin disputes as it will be very emotionally draining and will not progress anything further.

Relaxing as a couple and getting away from routines, responsibilities and stress is just what you need. So instead of arguing, lay it all on one side and get away from everything. Do something liberating – go camping in the great outdoors, go for a night out, go to a political rally, but do something that is totally different to your day to day routine and away from family and friends. This is what your relationship needs right now.

Aquarius Career April 2018

This month is excellent for those who work in the scientific fields as there is an insight into the laws of the universe; however, this is also beneficial to anyone working in alternate fields where the use is made of energies, i.e. reiki, yoga, astrology, clairvoyance or hands-on healing techniques. An excellent time for inventors and also for chemists as this month is not just about inventing mechanical devices; it is more about discovering processes or compounds or even new techniques. You have the insights to see new ways of doing things.

Those in financial jobs are also very good at spotting subtle market trends that you can use to make money or invest.

This is an extremely creative and inspired time for those who work in the arts, and yet it is not necessarily profitable. This is a month when you can generate some wonderfully innovative ideas; however, you may not be able to get to work on them in any practical sense due to other commitments, and so you need to note everything down so you can pick up on these ideas later.

This month is about gaining an advantage by being able to spot what others have missed; it is not just about being observant; it is about intuitively perceiving something of importance, something right under your nose that you may be missing.

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