Cancer Love, Career, Life April 2018

Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Cancer Life April 2018

April is a highly productive month, and you will achieve a great deal of work, especially in terms of written assignments, contracts negotiated and study. You are inspired as your talent has been recognised, and your teachers or employer is looking to push you further – you are eager to impress.

Difficult and strained relations with neighbours due to work you undertake on your home is possible. If you require planning permission, make sure you include all the details in your application, or things can be delayed.

Watching your sugar intake and carbohydrate intake is important – balance in the diet is something you may have neglected. Make sure that you get your carbos, fats and proteins in a sensible proportion and that you eat adequate amounts of fresh food.

Siblings can be a burden right now, and you may have to help them straighten out a mess or get out of a fix; this can cause strain in the relationship, even though you may by virtue of your profession be in an ideal position to help them. You may end up feeling a little used and as if they are always coming crying to you. Although you want to be helpful, you cannot help feel like your help is not totally appreciated. Some of your family relationships, i.e. with siblings, cousins and aunts or uncles can feel a little like one-way traffic with you doing all the giving. You are feeling a little like, “What about me?” It is important right now not to let obligations you have to others take over your life – a line must be drawn somewhere, and others must understand you have a life of your own to live.

Cancer Love April 2018

Chance meetings in the supermarket or a food store could lead to a date and to love – love this month often springs out of mundane and everyday activities rather than from going pubbing, clubbing or internet dating. Love may also blossom when you hire someone to do work at your home or office.

You should be wary of deception in love and should not take everything at face value, especially in new relationships. In marriage, you should be a little cynical about some of your partner’s actions, and by all means, you should confront them about anything that you feel needs clarity – let them know that you do notice when they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. This need not mean there are serious issues of dishonesty in the relationship; however, it does mean that you should put your loved one on notice that honesty and sincerity matter to you.

One can often feel insecure in love, and you need to hear words of reassurance – you should take the lead in saying I LOVE YOU or expressing what the relationship means to you and how much you appreciate your partner’s personality. This is the month for romance and closeness, but this should not be superficial, soppy romance for romance sake, it should be born of true and heartfelt feelings.

Long distance romances and cyber romances can fare very well in April.

Cancer Career April 2018

Socialising through work is highly likely, and this can be both spontaneous or as part of a company-wide initiative. You can also gain from increased benefits offered by your employer. Although relations with fellow workers are enhanced this month, too much socialising can decrease productivity and cause inefficiency – in fact, you may struggle to hold your focus at work, and you may whittle away many hours achieving little.

If you are attending interviews, you should pay greater attention to your clothing and appearance – get a haircut, buy new shoes and a new shirt or blouse as your potential employer will be judging you on what you are wearing.

Business initiatives that start right now may have hidden pitfalls that may not be apparent at the get go – know what level of risk you are willing to take and indeed what level of uncertainty; if you do not want risk or uncertainty, do not go ahead or at least delay until you are sure.

Work will increasingly involve short distance journeys this month – you may have to travel to work in a different branch or your role may change, meaning more travel, clients may require you to come to them, or perhaps expansion within your business means more errands; you may also travel for short courses. These short journeys can end up costing you more and taking up a large amount of time, which must be factored in. Make sure that expenses you incur at work are reimbursed.

You must work hard on your relationships with those who offer support services.

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