Capricorn Love, Career, Life April 2018

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Capricorn Life April 2018

You have a good feeling this month that things are going your way. Hunches pay off, and you will manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It is a time of quiet confidence that you can prevail – losing a battle here and there won’t worry you as you are winning the war.

This month, most of what really makes you happy happens in private moments in a way that is unique to you and cannot be explained. It can be a time when great enjoyment and emotional satisfaction can be found in the most obscure and random things. Your private fantasy life is in overdrive right now, and this is very creative and also sexual, and thus can enhance your creative work or romantic life.

Remember that song by Charlene, “I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me,” it is quite the opposite for Capricorn, who are finding great satisfaction in an extremely rich inner life. The outer world cannot give you answers right now, and so do not seek gurus, psychics, counsellors, mentors or advisors; take some time to retreat and contemplate, and the answers that are right for you will come. Be your own greatest cheerleader and supporter, and nurture your inner confidence and self-esteem.

Capricorn Love April 2018

Your appreciation of emotional stimuli is enhanced right now, and your love of nature is elevated, open and open to influence. In new relationships, you feel the need to open up quickly as you will have your rose-tinted glasses on, and while this can lead to beautiful romantic and loving encounters, it can also mean that you are misled in some way. You should enjoy both the romantic and captivating sexual side this period will offer you while still keeping one eye wide open. Life should sometimes be enjoyed for the moment, and things can be wonderful in the moment if you don’t allow your heart to be broken. So the advice is to go with the flow; for the sake of experience, you should not let your heart go until the rose-coloured specs come off, and you can see more clearly where things are headed.

This is a highly idealistic time for relationships of all types and a time that can be richly rewarding or very disappointing. It will be disappointing if you allow your expectations to become unrealistic as getting carried away is a part of this phase. It can be rewarding if you can relax, let you hair down, go with the flow and have a no strings attached, wild abandon style of love.

When I say no strings attached, often in marriage there are implicit strings attached. The key to great love and sex is knowing how to shut everything else that does not really matter out.

Capricorn Career April 2018

You may receive work that you have to undertake to very strict guidelines and protocols; you may also find yourself working on issues that are very sensitive.

This is a month when your work can be very interesting and can bring you into contact with subjects or concepts that are not often talked about – you may be instrumental in creating awareness about these issues and getting them into the mainstream. Mental health issues may be a topic that you either research, learn about or look at ways to help those with mental illness and their families from a social welfare or charitable perspective. If you work in government, social work or even business, you need to look deeper at the causes of the ills of society when it comes to devising policy or developing new products – this is not a time when you can take a superficial view of problems, you must understand the root causes and drivers. In your day to day work, you may come across vulnerable people with special needs, and you will need to be compassionate and yet also keep up your boundaries so as not to be drawn into their world.

The work you do this month will have greater relevance than just making money or ticking boxes as there is a human element. Taking work home in the emotional sense of finding it hard to leave the problems of your clients or patients, etc. at the office can both be a problem and joy as you love to know that you are making a difference.

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