Gemini Love, Career, Life April 2018

Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Gemini Life April 2018

You are feeling very imaginative and creative this month, and yet it can be hard to harness that creativity and make use of it as your energies are very scattered right now. This is not the best month for study or any activity that needs concerted effort and strict discipline.

This is a very intuitive time when you will be inclined to act suddenly without even thinking and make the right choice – you have a desire nature that is stronger than usual, and you will feel quite passionate about things.

This is a very emotional time; Gemini are most often drive by rationale, and yet this month your emotions are taking hold of you and compelling you to act in ways that may seem quite out of character. Events beyond your social and family circle can have a big effect on you: it may be refugees, victims of injustice, poverty in inner cities, rescue animals, etc. but something will inspire you to take action and perhaps change a life. Your charitable and altruistic side really comes to the fore.

Illnesses you suffer from right now are likely to be psychosomatic, and there may be emotional roots that need to be examined. In fact, many illnesses right now are more to do with your emotional state than your physical and will clear up when the emotional factors are acknowledged.

Gemini Love April 2018

Direct confrontation will be avoided in relationships; you will rather go the extra mile to create peace and harmony. You will be the one to initiate romantic activities as you will feel very romantic and ready to bring some fantasy into the relationship.

Your relationships will go smoothly, and the loving feeling will produce a relaxing atmosphere at home. You are very flexible and giving right now, and that means relationships flow. You will look to the intimate side of your life for solace and escapism and even a new relationship can provide the emotional nourishment you need.

There is a chance to take all relationships no matter how old they are to a new level with increased awareness of each other’s needs and greater understanding and compassion. You are in a learning phase again, and this can mean new relationships get close very quickly and established relationships are rejuvenated.

One note of caution is a tendency to an infatuation with someone who is unattainable. You may develop a very deep and meaningful relationship with someone who is unattainable either because they are married or gay/straight, and you need to be able to get the positives from that relationship without allowing yourself to fixate on what can never be.

Gemini Career April 2018

This is not the month for important decisions to do with a career, as you do not yet have all the information you need to make the best decisions, and so you should hold off. You need to see any setbacks you suffer right now as part of the overall pathway to a new phase.

Careful analysis of information is vital at the moment as what is most important may not be immediately obvious. If you have a gut feeling about something, you should investigate further, even if the facts do not back you up initially. Information can be both confusing and contradictory this month, and this can make decisions about your business or career very tricky – it is best to delay decisions and take on as much advice as you can to ensure you make the right choice.

This month is excellent for those involved in artistic fields like music and dance; your ability to express yourself and connect with an audience is heightened. This month is also productive for those who are studying in any artistic field. People who use their hands skilfully to produce art, i.e. sculpting, pottery, jewellery making, glassmaking, cake decorating, etc. can be very successful.

Gemini involved in photography, filmmaking or cinematography may get some acclaim, especially for work in troubled areas of the world or work that highlights social unrest or political upheaval. This is a time when Geminis involved in the arts need to address social and anthropological issues.

April is also an excellent month for those in medicine, pharmacy or the healing profession as you can use your heightened intuition to help diagnose and prescribe to your patients – you have a very good feel for causal and emotional factors that may not be obvious to other health practitioners. Those who work with energies, i.e. reiki or their hands, i.e. chiropractors and hands-on healers, can have superior results, especially with children.

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