Gemini Weekly Horoscope April 2018

Gemini 2nd to 8th April 2018

Between 2nd & 4th you’ll be rather apprehensive but as you do your work, the fear will vanish. Not only the new ventures will have a good opening but most of them will be completed successfully. New sources of income will rise. But between 3rd & 4th even a minor issue at home may result into a big controversy, giving you a dilemma. You may be incapable of taking any firm decision. But between 5th & 7th you’ll be in a strong position. You’ll feel the dire need to consolidate your position and become stronger. You’ll be quite sociable. An outward but short journey will provide you a mental relief. May meet old friends and befriend new acquaintances.

Gemini 9th to 15th April 2018

Between 9th & 12th you’ll have swell time. You’ll lovingly decorate your office or the working place. Students will enjoy their summer vacations without any worry for the result. You’ll feel light and cheerful. Between 10th & 12th your income will rise and you’ll settle all your money related cases quite deftly. You’ll succeed with your own merit and intelligence. Family atmosphere will be congenial. May indulge in a bit of sale or purchase of property. Between 13th & 14th your work will be hurdled. Marital discord will rise due to raising domestic expenditure, upsetting your private budget. Family members will be just non cooperative, nursing a sense of jealousy for each other. Your morale will be downcast. Things may become better on 15th, you’ll enjoy a swell time with your kids. You’ll please them with some gift. You’ll also get greetings from your senior family members.

Gemini 16th to 22nd April 2018

On 16th your court cases will gather momentum. You’ll enhance your arena of activities, though the central thurst will be on family security and finances. Between 17th & 18th you’ll be the chief guest of some function. You’ll sympathize with some needy person and do best to be of some help to him. But between 19th & 20th you’ll be inclined to pass your time in entertainment. Business will be just normal. You may receive gain from every quarter. May buy new raiments and ornaments. You’ll also be quite health conscious. You’ll manage to meet your needs squarely. But between 21st & 22nd the Moon in 12th may give you some losses. Seasonal changes may affect you with some illness. Be careful about your monetary transactions and don’t rely on anyone. On 22nd you’ll have warm relations with your neighbours. Guests may drop in all of a sudden.

Gemini 23rd to 29th April 2018

On 24th the Moon in 1st will be very favourable to you. Tensions will reduce. You may visit a religious shrine. Business will give you more profit. Between 25th & 27th you’ll feel mental satisfaction. Try to take regular and adequate rest if you want to be more efficient and useful to your work. You’ll care specially for your tamed animals. Between 28th & 29th you’ll work much and take no rest. You’ll feel happy and satisfied with your capacity to work. You’ll try to reach your top position and though you may reach them, you won’t be able to stay there for long. On 30th the things may be against you. Be specially careful about your health and fitness. Some personal issues may cause you some worry.

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