Leo Love, Career, Life April 2018

Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Leo Life April 2018

Ready to rock the boat? This month it’s time for a shake up! Dust off the cobwebs and get out that list of goals. Do you know that writing down goals is a key element in actualising and focusing your attention on what you want? Make sure you spend some time alone this month drawing up a few goals – these can be big or small but should be specific and time constrained.

You should write down some specific targets for the next few months, i.e. weight to lose, miles to run, words to write, products to sell, etc. The aim of this is to take advantage of the energy the planets are offering Leo right now for self-actualisation and for personal growth via attainment of goals that matter to you. So often the to-do list is about laundry, errands, bills, groceries that between all of these pressing demands you lose sight of things that make you happy. This is why you need a list of things that you can draw up and an action plan of how to attain and how much time to devote to these important goals in your life. You need to create a clear picture of where you want to be in three months time, and then make sure you have steps you can take that will realistically get you there.

Since there is a strong second house element, money will surely be connected to your goals right now – but it should be more than just saving money, it should be increasing income, getting that promotion or hitting that target.

New income streams and new initiatives to earn money via your skills, talents or ability to use social media are indicated right now. Taking on private clients, moonlighting, giving private lessons or getting a franchise can be ways to boost your money – more money may well be the means to achieving other goals.

You are very direct this month and will not don a facade for the sake of keeping anyone happy. As a result, you will make some really solid, supportive new friends who are attracted to who you really are and who click with you.

Leo Love April 2018

You have a very strong need to express your personality in relationships, and it will be a case of love me for who I am! You are in touch with your true nature and able to present yourself with confidence. If you do have a more dominant partner who has over the years overshadowed you, this is the time when you will come into your own and take more charge in the relationship.

I said before that often Leos are late bloomers; this month you are feeling a change within you, and you feel excited by who you are and how you are evolving – you are also in touch with your sexual nature and your needs sexually.

If you have felt that you are taken for granted in the relationship or that you have to suppress part of your personality, this is the time to change that around and to demand total acceptance. Love is never wanting to change someone, and yet so often in relationships over time we allow people to change us, dampen us down or convince us we are something other than what we believe – right now you feel more in touch with your true nature, and you need your life and your relationships to reflect that. Partners will have to adapt, and this heralds what can be a very exciting rebirth in love relationships. There can be some turbulence in the short run; however, in the long run your strong self image fosters better understanding, deeper meaning and more romance.

This month is a very good month for new relationships – this time in your life is one in which you are most likely to attract someone who appreciates you and can give you what you truly need emotionally. Partly because you understand yourself better.

Deeply manipulative relationships based on control will break down now.

Leo Career April 2018

Money management and juggling finances is vital in your business – even if you do not inject new cash, you can make the money in your business work harder and go further by changing the way you spend, i.e. short versus longterm financing; outsourcing; making fixed costs variable where possible or maybe reducing time spent on activities with a low ROI. You may want to think up new ways of charging clients or pricing strategies that draw clients in, i.e. loss leaders; freebies or loyalty discounts. You may get more clients by offering flexible payment terms.

Within your personal life, you may be able to make savings by shopping around for your insurance, utility or banking needs – yes, this is boring and tedious, and that is why we tend not to do it and thus lose out on savings that could when added together amount to quite a bit. It may even be worthwhile asking your regular suppliers of phone or other services if any better rates or tariffs are available.

The theme for money and career this month is moderation and security, and so saving, wise investing and better money management is key. Sometimes better money management just means actually thinking more about where you spend – make a monthly chart and see if you can alter expenditure; you may be shocked at how much waste there is.

Creative projects may finally begin to earn you some money this month. This month is also very successful for those who have gone through a very long apprenticeship – this can be in the arts, design, or maybe you have been travelling doing the pub/club scene with your band or act and you finally get the break you want.

This month is also a milestone one for those who are in long financial apprenticeships, i.e. accounting, actuarial or even MBAs.

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