Libra Love, Career, Life April 2018

Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Libra Life April 2018

Last month your energy was not very high, and things seemed like an uphill battle; however, this month you are filled with confidence and life will flow with far less effort. Short trips for work or pleasure and weekends away will also help revive and energise you.

It’s an interesting time when you can expand you skill set, make new connections to enhance your social life and improve opportunities for work. April is extremely favourable for learning and study, and so for any of you in school or attending courses, you will find study both interesting, relevant and pleasurable. Many of you will have the chance to study in groups or teams, which can also help you to grasp concepts faster and gain more from bouncing ideas off others.

This month is ideal for brainstorming and coming up with innovative ideas – these ideas can be ways to find solutions to problems you have at work or at home or indeed ways to make your life more happy and fulfilling. Often, we complain about our lives not being very happy, but we fail to take action – there will always be things or people that get us down that we cannot change, but this month is all about taking steps in areas where we do have power and can create change.

This is not a month to be passive and to wait for anything to happen – knock on doors, make follow-up phone calls, send emails and look at those plans and goals you set to see how you are progressing.

This month has massive potential for enjoyment and finding fulfilment intellectually and via good conversation with friends and even strangers; you will be inspired by new ideas and philosophies both in business and regarding personal development.

Very much an I CAN month for positive action and thought.

Libra Love April 2018

Flattery will get you everywhere if you use it wisely. It’s more than flattery, though, it is showing genuine appreciation and taking the time to say things you don’t always say in relationships, i.e. I love you, you are special, you make my day. This is an ideal month to enhance relationships with romantic gestures and personalised gifts. Give and take is very important; this is a very unselfish month where pleasing your partner pleases you, and he/she will reciprocate.

Relating to people one to one is more important to you than group activities, and you will enjoy spending time alone with your partner. April is great for bonding and rediscovering the value of closeness and sharing of intimate thoughts. You will tend to be more relaxed in love situations this month, and that will help communication to flow and also increase the amount of affection you show to each other.

Single Libra will find this month hard as you are craving a strong one to one bond; the good news is, however, that this is a great month to meet someone who is very compatible, and so you should not only reach out to anyone who you feel has potential, you should try double dates, blind dates and singles social events.

Impatience is the one thing that can be a problem for love this month. Single Libra are impatient to get into relationships and so may choose the first guy/gal that comes along rather than waiting and testing the waters. Librans in long-term relationships are craving physical release and may rush things in the bedroom when a more gentle approach can actually be more satisfying.

Libra Career April 2018

This month is ideal for disseminating knowledge – so if you need to get a message out or are trying to create awareness, this is the time. You can inspire and entertain when you present information, and this can help you to be very effective in educating and making a point.

Blogging and social media drives for publicity are also highly effective. This month is also wonderful for growing your presence on social platforms organically.

In business, this month is an excellent time for co-ops, i.e. where you get together with related businesses or businesses in your geographical areas to buy supplies or resources together to qualify for bulk discounts or better terms. You may run a joint ad campaign with a complementary business so that you share costs and benefits. You may be able to negotiate referral deals for a percentage commission. The idea this month is collective bargaining power and the cooperation of people or businesses in similar fields for mutual gain.

Good fences make good neighbours they say, and in April you need to make sure that you work well with people in other departments in your firm or perhaps with the community where you run your business – external factors cannot be ignored, and you should not work in isolation; there are opportunities in collaborating and cooperating.

April is good for legal negotiations and for drawing up contracts. It is also an excellent time for new logistical arrangements and for revamping your computerised ordering and dispatch systems. You may purchase a new car or new van to make your work easier.

April is great for promotional drives, especially if they involve you travelling to give a talk or presentation in another geographical area.

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