Libra Weekly Horoscope April 2018

Libra 2nd to 8th April 2018

On 2nd & 3rd nd you may receive some held up money. You will remain busy in attending marriage festival or a social function. Money and association will be received from your friends and relations. Venus’s aspect on your sign may get you much money. But between 3rd & 5th relations with your close ones will be soured and you’ll feel sad. Misunderstandings among your family members will upset you much. You may have to spend a lot on your kids and for your love relations. You must check your over spending tendency. Between 6th & 7th things will again be normal. Your family and home will be your top priority. You may feel quite energetic. On 7th your all State related cases will be favourably settled.

Libra 9th to 15th April 2018

Between 9th & 11th you may have to remain out of your home, although despite much running around you may not get any significant gain. However, in love-affairs, success is indicated. The results will generally mixed. Between 10th & 12th April you’ll fully devote yourself in your professional work. Jupiter in 10th in exalted position may help you do your most likeable work; tender may open for you favourably. You’ll also indulge in your hobbies as well. You must take full advantage of this favourable phase. Between 13th & 14th the adverse planetary configuration may trap you in some legal complication. Avoid all your no. two dealings for the time being and taking up any risky venture. On 15th the conditions may become slightly better.

Libra 16th to 22nd April 2018

On 16th, guests may come. You’ll try to implement all your thought out schemes. You’ll work very hard to ensure your professional progress. With money you’ll also earn people’s good wishes. Between 17th & 18th you may try to find solution to the property disputes through negotiations or someone’s mediation. Speaking lie at this time may trap you in some big problem. Relations with your brothers may become better. People will generously praise your efficiency in your work. You’ll progress fast. Between 20th & 22nd someone close to you may deceive you. Drive your vehicle carefully to avoid any accident. On 22nd you’ll again have the normal stability in life.

Libra 23rd to 29th April 2018

On 24th you may get success in all your govt. related cases. The influence of a VIP or a high official shall help you complete your held up project. Between 25th & 27th your PR sphere will widen. Health of some family member may cause concern. Yet most of your time will be spent in merry-making and in exchanging jokes. Between 28th & 29th April business will give you hefty profit. All your held up govt. related projects will gather momentum. Your hard-work will eventually pay. On 30th you may suffer a big monetary loss. The conspiracies hatched by your rivals or opponents may damage your interest severely.

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