Pisces Love, Career, Life April 2018

Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Pisces Life April 2018

Boundaries set by authority figures can be an issue for you – they may limit your freedom of expression and even your ability to do your job. In fact, this month, you may have such a strong reaction to the actions of an authority figure in your life that you may be spurred on to do something quite impulsive and even radical for you, i.e., packing your cases and leaving home, handing in a resignation, dumping a client. There is this feeling of climax like you have taken enough and are not taking any more.

We will all accept certain limitations or forms of control as they make us feel secure, but this month the limitations you put up with for the sake of stability and continuity become so repressive and restrictive that they are counterproductive. You will spontaneously strike out against anything in your life that has become stifling and regimented, and you may not even think much about it – you may not even know one hour before that you are going to snap, but something will just tip you over the edge, and you will decide enough is enough.

Acting intuitively can mean you sometimes act illogically, but it is good to follow your heart and not to look back.

Pisces Love April 2018

You feel like spoiling yourself, and why not? This is not a month where you feel you need permission to do what you enjoy; in fact, you will go out of your way to be a little more selfish and self-centred, and it will be liberating. It is as if you want to rattle the cage a little regarding the relationship – show your partner that you are a force to be reckoned with, and you demand more respect and more recognition.

Your need to feel important and valued is very strong now; in relationships where you feel side lined and like you come second to work, you can become very aloof. In fact, you are a mystery to your partner right now, and that is just the way you want it – you are acting unpredictably and you are challenging the usual boundaries of the relationship.

You really aim to shake things up, and this is great for long-term relationships that have become sterile, predictable and inflexible. The Piscean will make their partner stand up and take notice, and this can inject the relationship with a spark once again that can improve your sex life and also the way you relate to each other.

It is almost as if you are communicating in a non-verbal way, i.e., acting out of character to send a clear message without saying a word – Pisces are clever at this.

In newer relationships, you will not make yourself too available – you are playing the social butterfly right now and not wanting to be owned nor confined by anyone.

Pisces Career April 2018

You will have to jockey for position as this month your workplace is very competitive; however, there are also many opportunities. As expressed in the first section (LIFE), you may need to free yourself from restrictive commitments or even contractual clauses to make best use of the new chances that present themselves. So the theme is getting free from past commitments and rolling out new plans that can take you forward.

You need to have a serious think about what it is in your work life that is holding you back from being who and what you want to be – it is no longer good enough to accept second best or play second fiddle. This is Pisces year to step out of the shadows and assume a more prominent role in which you can be creative, get the credit and assume the responsibility.

You need to be careful about reputation and professional ethics situations – make sure you keep excellent records of emails sent and try and get things in writing to prevent confusion. It is very important to be clear with clients, colleagues and your boss about what you are doing – you must be able to account for your time and must keep timesheets, and you also need to be able to account for expenses and so keep all receipts and make sure you have been diligent about record keeping. Communicating with others about what you are doing is vital so that the team succeed – do not go off on your own or a tangent, keep with the plan, or you may upset colleagues.

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