Sagittarius Love, Career, Life April 2018

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Sagittarius Life April 2018

This is a month of great self-discipline and restraint – you are also gifted at sugar coating your message and making sure you do not tread on toes as you go about your day to day activities. This month you will make excellent progress regarding tackling the major goals and obstacles you face. You can face daunting challenges and come through them as you are tough and strong and have the presence of mind to make good decisions under pressure.

Those working on dissertations, master’s degrees or academic papers can finish these projects even if long hours and exacting calculations or complex data are required. This is also an ideal time to start your own business, especially if there is much paperwork and detailed financial projections to be made.

This month health is in the spotlight, and it is the time to make changes to improve your short and long term health. A detox week or even something simple like cutting out red meat on every odd day or having fruit for breakfast instead of a sugary cereal. The aim is changing habits in a small way, which can add up to big difference, and so whether you start taking a vitamin supplement, do more walking or cut out sugar – making a change this month will have a significant effect on your health.

Sagittarius Love April 2018

Work romances can start up and fizzle out quickly and are not really worth bothering about and so try not to go down that route in April.

Other than the above comment, this is an excellent month for love, relationships and romance. It is not a conventional time in love at all, but it is highly spontaneous, affectionate and exciting. Your love life will be full of surprises; you may have a secret admirer or a date with someone may come right of the blue. Romance is definitely left field this month; even in marriages where you have been together for a long time, surprise events can bring you closer and enable you to re-experience that spark you felt the very first time.

Sagittarians are very broad minded in love this month, and that means that you are more able to accept differences and find joy in the quirky and crazy part of your love life. You will be inclined to defy convention – you may elect to get married suddenly on a Monday morning; you may elope, or you may decide to introduce something new to your sex life.

It is all about fun and letting your hair down when it comes to love. In some cases, Sagittarians can be incorrigible flirts and may play the field. This month is ideal for relationships that have some technology/online aspect, i.e., you met online; you enjoy sex texting or exchanging photos, you enjoy the same online sex experiences, etc. The virtual and the real world collide to make this month an exciting one for sex. It is not only about sex but about genuine affection from which a satisfying sex life grows.

Sagittarius Career April 2018

April is great for business and managerial roles – you have the ability to organise people and resources appropriately. Sagittarians will find any work involving creating structure easy, and so if you need to plan timetables, layouts, PowerPoint presentations, complex formatting tasks or allocate funds, you can be very efficient. This month is also ideal for those who do technical drawings, architecture and town planning.

April is very favourable for those Sagittarians who are in the middle of major renovations to do with business or home as you are excellent at drawing up plans and fitting things in where they need to go. You have an ability right now to see the linkages between form, structure and function, and can arrange things to great effect. This can also help tax accountants or investors to find the most tax or investment efficient way to allocate funds.

This is a time of opportunity for those of you who work in highly structured environments where routines are important, i.e., the army, hospitals, police, etc. You can achieve promotional opportunities or greater powers.

This month is great for recruiting, and so if you want to advertise for staff or find someone to do ancillary services for your business, place an ad, and you will find the right person.

A very productive time in work; you can improve skills and greatly increase your confidence in what you do, by strong sets of results this month.

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