Scorpio Love, Career, Life April 2018

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Scorpio Life April 2018

Your ability to work in a team will be tested this month. You can achieve a good deal for yourself via working with others, and yet you should guard against making it look as if you are only in it for what you can get out of it. Being constrained by the speed or attitudes of others will feel frustrating, and yet being part of the group can help your own motivation and keep your energy high.

You are inclined to look for too much too soon this month and need a little more realism, especially when it comes to money as even successful projects can have a teething phase and can take some time to gather steam. Do not quit when it does not go right the first time – you have the tendency this month to jump from thing to thing, wasting energy and even money as you are not willing to hang about to see projects develop.

Your schedule can quickly become overloaded this month, and so do be careful not to over-extend yourself by committing to things that could turn out to be a burden. Scorpio can do more by doing less this month – think more carefully about how to best use your skills to help others and advance your plans.

You can get the most out of this month by doing things you really enjoy and being with people you really want to be with, rather than socialising or networking with people you don’t like just for some perceived advantage.

Scorpio Love April 2018

A very emotional and giving time in relationships. Scorpio are seeking extra sensitivity and understanding this month – they want your concentration and all of it. In this modern day of smartphones and tablets in addition to the TV and laptop, we are often only half listening to our spouse when they are talking. This month is about restoring intimacy on the deepest levels via quality sexual and intellectual stimulation. This, however, cannot be rushed; you need to make the time and turn down all the distractions.

As the month goes on, it will become easier to get into that groove of relaxing together to the point that you begin to open up again and share thoughts and feelings.

Scorpio are certainly putting in the effort regarding adding romance, affection and fantasy, but it won’t be plain sailing, and that should not demoralise you; it should rather encourage you to look deeper at what both of you are wanting from the relationship. Scorpio often assume what others want and then give it in abundance without realising that others will not appreciate what you are doing if it is not what they really wanted. Find out what your partner wants, and do not assume.

For Scorpio in new relationships, this can almost be a honeymoon period where the real world goes away, and you are in a blissful haze; when reality does come knocking again, there may be some surprises that can provide more tests for the relationship. However, by all means enjoy it while it lasts.

Scorpio Career April 2018

The one warning this month is throwing good money after bad in your impatience to see results. You should also not waste money just because some tantalising offer is made – stop think and think again before you reach for the chequebook. They say a fool and his money soon go separate ways, and we are all fools when it comes to our dreams and ambitions, so do not allow anyone to use your eagerness for an outcome to get you paying for something that may not deliver.

In any job or career, this month you should ask yourself, “Why did I choose this course; why was I passionate about this career?” If you find yourself answering that you never indeed chose it or were never passionate about it, you need to evaluate what is keeping you there. If you can answer that question positively, you may find that you have lost purpose and need to get back your enthusiasm by concentrating on the part of the job that attracted you to it in the first place.

Scorpio work best where they are emotionally involved, and this month is time to think more about the parts of your work that fulfil you and provide you with meaning. Even if you are not that keen on your job, you may still enjoy your colleagues or even the buzz of working in the centre of a big city; maybe you love your clients – you must assess the benefits your work brings you, other than money, and indeed if there are few, this is the time to think of a move. Scorpio are looking for fulfilment of life this year, and boredom can set in very quickly if your work does not feel worthwhile in the grander scheme of things.

Scorpio who are in their chosen field, no matter how successful or unsuccessful (i.e. out of work actor) will have a very good month in terms of money and opportunities. If you are applying for a position only for money and you hate the job, you won’t get it as this month is all about work that fulfils on a deeper level.

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