Taurus Love, Career, Life April 2018

Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2018

Taurus Life April 2018

You are socially outgoing and ready to initiate parties and get-togethers. This is not a great month for disciplined work and the hard graft – you are best getting as much done before April comes as you can, so you have more freedom to pursue pleasurable activities.

You can charm your way out of most problems this month – a little compromise and some diplomacy or an olive branch will go a long way to resolving issues and avoiding further difficulties.

You have an excellent appreciation for innate value, and thus can make purchases at bargain prices as you may see a value in something that others miss. This means this month is great for auctions, boot sales, buying collectables, buying art or property. You may inherit something like a painting or jewellery.

You need to take care of your voice, especially if you use it within your career. Singers, actors, presenters or receptionists who use their voice for a living need to avoid unnecessary talking, and in the case of professionals, you must warm your vocals up properly. Tonsillitis and sore throats may affect you, and so avoid dairy products and take plenty of Echinacea, vitamin C and Zinc.

Taurus Love April 2018

This month is about close bonds and enjoying time spent with your partner alone as you are feeling very affectionate and will want to spend time cuddled up with your partner with some wine on the table and good music on the stereo. Taureans in well-established relationships will feel very satisfied this month, and it is a time of counting blessing and nurturing what you have. Typically, the Bull is easily satisfied, and you won’t need fancy gifts or holidays to turn you on this month, just some quality time, quality food and plenty of attention.

Single Taureans may feel quite a degree of envy towards others who are in relationships since Taurus can often idealise what others have and obsess about it to the point that you allow yourself to feel inadequate. You should use that envy as a springboard for action, and perhaps you should make a move to initiate a relationship with a friend or online. You should not compare yourself to others as we all have our own unique life timetable.

You may rekindle an old romance this month or get back together with someone you recently broke up with – be careful with your feelings as despite your hopefulness, this may not mean that things are back on track or that you are starting something promising. It is more likely that loves from the past that return right now are coming back into your life for closure or as a passing and pleasant distraction rather than a long-term romance.

Taurus Career April 2018

April should be a bumper month for selling yourself and your products – branding is very important, and the more you are associated with what you are promoting, the better you can do. Client and customer relations are extremely important, and you can grow your business rapidly via word of mouth.

Taureans who sell products or services that are associated with making people feel better and more confident can do very well this month – i.e. beauty products, fashion, cosmetic surgery, hairdressers, stylists, fitness instructors, etc.

There can be delays and problems with finance this month, and you will have to be patient and very persistent in keeping the process going.

As far as investments go, you should not be put off my some losses this month as it is possible that initial good results turn sour this April before picking up again. Do be patient, and do not pull out in panic; stick with things until they turn around.

If you are in social work, childcare or work with children in a legal capacity, you may have to make very difficult judgement calls this month, and you must not allow yourself to be rushed – use care, deliberation and do not be swayed by others. Often this month, other people will try and influence you, but you need to stay true to your own principles and to act according to your own conscience.

This month your perfectionist, workaholic side can kick in – no matter what work you do, you will become obsessive about detail and quality, but you have to know when to draw a line and realise that perhaps some of your effort is best put into another project rather that the finishing touches of the last one. Try and delegate some roles and do not fixate about inconsequential details.

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