Gemini Weekly Horoscope May 2018

Gemini Weekly Predictions: 7th to 13th May 2018

Between 7th & 8th, Rahu-Moon combination is during ‘Grahan Yoga’ your comfort level will go down with the decay in services; vehicular troubles may arise, causing expenditure and allied troubles. Worship Lord Ganesh and offer green grass to the temple of the deity. Between 7th & 8th you’ll enrich your knowledge and move ahead crossing all impediments. May get some immediate and long term benefits. Partnership business will also prove paying. You will employ some new techniques to improve your output. You will love to learn new technologies. Between 10th & 12th your willingness to ensure over all development in your working will keep you quite engaged and committed as well. Your health will remain good and you’ll be more active.

Gemini Weekly Predictions: 14th to 20th May 2018

Between 14th & 16th the Moon in 13th will give you much happiness and peace. Chances of professional growth will be very much on the cord. May get a new job but you’ll feel the need of greater energy and will power to work better with more commitment. Between 10th & 11th you’ll like to improve your living standard for which you’ll spend as much as to go out of pocket. Avoid inviting futile worries. Move ahead overlooking the temporary loss and do your work with more caution. The period is not favourable, hence you must remain very alert. Between 17th & 19th, if you are guardian you may have reasons to worry about your wards. If you’re young then be guarded in your work. Between 14th & 15th you’ll get due reward to your hard work. People will praise you and you’ll bog the lime light.

Gemini Weekly Predictions: 21st to 27th May 2018

Between 21st & 22nd you’ll work well and achieve your end by your gift of the gab, although you’ll continue to work hard. Expenses will mount but more income will offset the imbalance. Your held up projects will gather momentum. Between 23rd & 26th you may commit a blunder whose dire consequences you’ll have to bear. You may be transferred to an unwanted station. Business travels will tire you a great deal. You’ll enjoy a bounty and many progeny related worries will vanish. Mars transit in 12th will take you on fruitful journeys. Friends will be fully cooperative. On 23rd you’ll indulge in a bit of self-assessment. You’ll feel mentally relaxed.

Gemini Weekly Predictions: 28th to 3rd June 2018

On 28th you’ll enjoy mental peace. Health will also remain good. May plan for business expansion. Between 28th & 29th you’ll get good money. You’ll also work hard to get better kind of wealth. May meet some like-minded people and will be willing to experiment with new methods and technologies. You’ll be very alert to learn who is actually your well-wisher and who is not. Between 28th & 29th your enemies and rivals may try to overpower you, something untoward might happen, you’ll fail at this juncture, no matter what you do. Time will also be wasted in futile pursuits. Between 28th & 30th guests may come to keep you much busy in their welcome. Professional activities will be quite hectic.

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