Leo Weekly Horoscope May 2018

Leo Weekly Predictions: 7th to 13th May 2018

Between 7th & 9th you’ll pass a normal time but even for walking abreast with others and society, you’ll have to make special efforts, you’ll mould your ways to suit the need of the moment. Between 10th & 12th you will remain busy to complete your some special project. Venus’ movement in 10th will make you hog the highlight in your profession or trade. Media field may give you special success. You’ll succeed in meeting others and enhancing your social activities. Your income will also swell. Between 7th & 9th don’t saddle yourself with heavy work load. But don’t disclose your plans and schemes to anyone during this period, as over work may tire you much and reduce your vitality. Heat may cause you much physical trouble.

Leo Weekly Predictions: 14th to 20th May 2018

Between 14th & 16th you’ll remain engrossed in partying and in enjoying good things of life. You may go out for sight-seeing. You’ll not only assess your capabilities but shall also do your job with greater honesty. You’ll succeed in doing so and will get more authority in your work-field. Between 15th & 17th your some noble past deeds may get you some monetary gift or award. You may get good gain in the form of money, wealth, good information technology, shares or landed property. Between 18th & 20th you’ll indulge in self-introspection to reassess your physical capability and financial strength. Familial relations will be further consolidated. However, if you want to start something new or introduce a new technology think thrice before doing so as between 14th & 15th you have to work with abundant caution. The tide may be against you at this juncture.

Leo Weekly Predictions: 21st to 27th May 2018

Between 21st & 23rd the tide will be again favourable. Philanthropic deeds will attract your attention. You’ll also have some noble men as your friends whose company will give you much advantage. You’ll become popular and your reputation will be at the pinnacle. At this juncture your indifference towards phone-calls, chatting and networking will cause you loss. Also take care of your senior family members. Between 23rd & 25th you will pass time with your kids and kins in utter happiness. You’ll also be creative and romantic. Wealth will be the main issues of the agenda for the period. May indulge in sales-purchases of the property and may acquire something precious. Between 22nd & 23rd you shall be awfully busy. Use your machines judiciously in this period.

Leo Weekly Predictions: 28th to 3rd June 2018

On 28th the financial tussle may sour your marital relations which shall be egged on by your egoistical attitude. Between 28th & 29th bad work will resolve many dispute and enhance your business commitment. Your personal relations will be very cordial with all. You’ll get over all impediments in your way. You’ll discharge your professional and personal duties with great aplomb. Between 28th & 29th with a cool head you’ll pass good time with your family, neighbours and the social acquaintances. But between 29th & 30th you’ll have to exert extra for achieving your purpose which shall also widen your area of acquaintances. Amidst all these activities you’ll attain some unexplored spiritual and intellectual achievements.

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