Virgo Weekly Horoscope May 2018

Virgo Weekly Predictions: 7th to 13th May 2018

You may have this as a grand week. Between 7th & 9th tension will be much reduced; familial and professional relations will improve much, you’ll have the marital accord of the high order. Between 8th & 10th you may undertake some journey in connection with your profession. All your held up projects be duly revived. You’d also be quite restrained in your approach. A right balance will be struck between your professional and domestic duties. Your morale will be quite upbeat. Your positive approach and contact with your friends will keep you cheerful. Journeys will be fruitful. Between 10th & 12th you may suddenly have good money. You’ll get success in whatever you do. With less efforts you may earn more money. Your talents and efficiency may get you out of turn promotion. Those connected with Media or publication will have themselves duly recognized.

Virgo Weekly Predictions: 14th to 20th May 2018

Not a favourable week as things may go against whatever you do. Be careful in your work field and avoid bad company. A financial crunch may develop. You won’t be able to exploit fully the opportunities you may get during this phase. You must be careful about the mistakes you are prove to commit. Between 14th & 15th you’ll have a knowledge enhancing phase. You may read good literature for children. Things may be better between 16th & 18th. Income may rise with your some tactical decisions. You’ll come true to the expectation of many of your colleagues. Between 19th & 20th the Moon in 14th may provide you much mental peace. You’ll do yogasanas and exercise to keep yourself fit. Naturopathy will also help. You may go to enjoy natural pulchritude at some picturesque place.

Virgo Weekly Predictions: 21st to 27th May 2018

Between 21st & 22nd the Moon’s sojourn in 8th may give you much trouble. Your health may deteriorate due to over work. May have to go to hospital due to your or your some family member’s ill health. Between 21st & 22nd you may get victory in all your cases, including the legal ones. Suddenly the lady luck may shower her grace on you. You’ll have mental and spiritual development during this phase. You’ll be drawn towards doing research, studying higher metaphysical subjects or even for learning new techniques. Between 25th & 27th you’ll emerge as one of the most successful person of your work field. Your talents and personal excellence will baffle all with awe. Your seniors will be quite pleased with your performance. Hectic professional activities may get you many lucrative deals. On 23rd you may receive happy news from every sphere.

Virgo Weekly Predictions: 28th to 3rd June 2018

On 28th you’ll have an outright gainful day. Family atmosphere will be quite congenial. But be careful between 28th & 29th in some discussion as you may be trapped in some serious problems. Despite your much efforts, the results will be negligible. Your confidence may be shaken. Expenditure will mount. The nubile youth may find it difficult to choose their spouse. The young couples may have some misunderstandings. But between 28th & 29th the Moon in 1st may give you good results. Although the Moon+Rahu combination may create ‘Grahan Yoga’, you’ll face hurdles but you’ll be able to get over them eventually. Between 28th & 30th you’ll have quite a satisfying period. But you may have to be content with your meagre achievements. May draw blue prints of some of your important project. You will continue to progress as all hurdles will be eventually removed.

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