Aquarius July 2018

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

A wonderful month in all relationships as love, understanding and good communication are there.

While matters of the heart are complex and sometimes fraught this year, July offers a light-hearted break when things flow and it is all very amicable. It is easier to see each other points of view, and you can understand what is wrong and how to fix it. Conciliatory and affectionate, this is a very good time for love to get back on track.

In all relationships, this is a good month to do some planning regarding finances, fun, holidays or purchases as you can work together well. This July is a time of shared initiatives and coordinated efforts.

The focus is on you as a couple, not on friends and other family, and you can benefit from that time together, unhampered by the expectations of others. It is also time to realise which external influences be they friends, neighbours, in-laws, etc., cause trouble in your relationship, and you can decide to distance yourself from those.

Aquarius Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

This is a lucky month and one in which good fortunate can come through communications. This is a very good time to make contact with someone from your past or extend an olive branch to someone you have fallen out with.

July is a time when you can gain a feeling of well-being by making peace with the past in some way – that may mean peace with a person or indeed forgiving yourself for a real or perceived failure. It is not just about being forgiven, you have to forgive yourself; the other person or place is only half of it.

You may play the role of confidant many a time this month as friends call on your advice; you will hear many secrets, and you should not be blasé about what is revealed. You should also take your role of advice-giver very seriously as you can never anticipate how literally things you say will be taken. While you may keep other people’s secrets, you will tend to want to get yours into the open, and in some cases, others may be shocked by your honesty.

Words must be chosen carefully as they can come back to haunt you. It may also be one of those times when a Freudian slip ‘outs you’ in some way forcing you to acknowledge something.

Communication is a powerful tool; the word indeed has more power than the sword this month, and you can use that for emotional and psychological healing as well as to teach others. Many a time this month you will play the role of teacher, and it is not about facts but life experience that you have to impart – some of this wisdom may change a life for the better.

Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

July is an excellent month for those of you who rely on inside contacts for their work, i.e., journalists, press photographers, bloggers or anyone who disseminates information. You can establish new contacts or get more from those you already work with. You may also be at the right place at the right time to get a scoop.

This month is ideal for press secretaries, especially those in public service and also for speech writers and political spin doctors.

If you bid for contracts with large companies or government, this can be a month when you are very successful at being awarded contracts.

When you issue opinions or write messages on blogs, you should always make sure you have disclaimers and caveats as often information you publish develops a life of its own and you lose control over it, meaning it could be misinterpreted. Make sure you know your audience and address anything specifically to that audience. In cases where you are interviewed by a journalist, give your answers in writing so that you cannot be misquoted and you have deniability.

A very busy time mentally when your work fulfils and stimulates. This is a very good time to promote yourself and your services, especially if you deal with very big enterprises or companies. Remember that while multinationals seem intimidating, they are made of people, and all you need is to establish a personal connection in that organisation and you are in regarding getting a job there or a contract.

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