Capricorn July 2018

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

Communication about tricky and delicate issues is the theme in love this month. For new couples, it may be your first taste of intimacy with your partner, and things may not be as you have hoped, probably because you are nervous and still getting to know what each other likes. A little romantic questionnaire where you both devise questions, answer them (in writing) then email them to each other can be a fun, revealing and excellent way to get to know each other’s tastes and preferences. It can also focus your mind on what you really want and what turns you on – often sex life becomes something that we are not creative enough with, so put your mind to what works for you. Is it nightlife, sex outdoors, sex in certain places, types of music and dancing that arouse you, a ride in the car with the music full on? For couples who are newly together, this questionnaire can be a way of finding out if you are or are not compatible sexually as well, which is a good thing to know.

For married couples, this technique works well if you answer for your partner, i.e., guessing his/her responses and he/she answers for you and then you provide your answers. This way you get to find out where all the misconceptions are about what you want and how you want it to come about. You can iron out the misnomers about your sex life and find inspiring new ways to spice it up at the same time. You will be amazed at what you learn.

Capricorn Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

Creatively you are both sensitive and inspired; this means that you can draw on inspiration to inject your artistic projects with emotion and meaning, and you will also be able to appreciate films, art or music from a deeper perspective.

This month is excellent for all students of the arts from dancers to painters to actors, as you can grasp the finer points of your craft, and you are also about to express your emotions via your work adding verisimilitude.

Imagination is enhanced by sixth sense and the perception of what is subtle and hidden in the environment. You can also use your sixth sense to guide decisions where logic alone cannot help you to figure out an answer.

Work with children is very rewarding this month. In many cases, you may use artistic skills you have, i.e., music to help autistic or challenged children learn or deal with emotional issues.

You are very good at calling others to action and organising teams to get things done. So if you were thinking about raising money via a fete, starting a yoga or Zumba class or neighbourhood watch or getting other people in your community together to put pressure on local government to tackle crime, pollution or any other issues, this is the time. If anything is getting you down or you have an issue, this is the time to tackle it, but not alone; get others to rally around you, and make it a team effort.

Capricorn Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

This month is ideal for anyone studying or working in fashion, design, photography or cinematography where images and the ability to draw or arrange images is key. Anyone who is studying now or even trying to work out solutions to business problems should use mind maps and make great use of flow charts and graphics to see connections and solutions. In any line of work, get away from the computer screen and pages full of words; your mind can work better right now when inspired by images and colours, and so draw yourself pictures or even make a model, but use graphics, arrows, bubbles or graphs to help your understanding and to tap into lateral thought power.

In teaching, make more use of graphics and creative forms of presentation or use improvisation to inspire children and bring subjects to life.

A very good month for organising others; you have the ability to delegate and sense potential in others that bodes well for building a team of people with different skills. This is an excellent month for those in personnel, or even if you just hire people occasionally, as you have a great 6th sense of their skills and abilities beyond what their CV says.

This month is perfect for those in political circles, NGO’s or public life to bounce back from setbacks and make up ground if you have fallen behind – get back on the horse and ride like mad!

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