Gemini July 2018

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

Being such a sociable month, this is a wonderful time to meet potential partners; however, Gemini are still gravitating to older, wiser types. You are more relaxed this month, and that will enhance your love and sex life. You will have more time to spend together away from stressful situations and problems, and you will have loads of time for quality communication.

You may well spend time apart from your partner due to travel; however, communication via skype, instant messaging or email can actually help reestablish some romance and inject a new dimension into the relationship – you may even find it easier to say certain things in a non-verbal format.

This is a very good time for long-distance relationships and also for relationships that begin online as cyber relationships. You can develop a deep bond with someone you only know via online exchanges and only meet in person later. Philosophical and spiritual connections, as well as chemistry, are more important than looks or interests in terms of who you are attracted to; you may well be surprised at who you attract.

Gemini Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

This is a very active month socially, and you will enjoy yourself both at work and at home as the atmosphere is one of fun. Your interest in the arts is heightened, and there will be many trips to the theatre, movies or concerts this month. You are on a bit of a high; last month was very serious, but you have found your carefree Gemini self again.

You may buy a new car, take up cycling to work or perhaps get a new sound system or air con in the car to enhance your short journeys. This is a fortunate month for travel; if you fly, you may even be bumped up to firstclass or get a great deal.

Life will not be boring in July and travel for work or pleasure (or a mixture) is highly probable.

You have an independent spirit this month and will wish to work independently and to your own timetable; you will not be very tolerant of interference – this is one time when you will not be very diplomatic.

If you have been neglecting your health this month, you may experience some signs, i.e. high blood pressure, weight gain, stress, infections and viruses, which will force you to slow down and perhaps take a more sensible approach to diet. This is a month when you should start to get some healthy habits into your lifestyle and kick bad habits. You should also take more note of foods you are intolerant or allergic to.

A very good time to apply for a university or college placement.

Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

An excellent month for sales and public relations; it is also an opportune time for social networking and self-promotion. You are highly tactful and diplomatic, and this makes July ideal for dealing with tricky situations and also for making a very good first impression. If you are starting a new job or attending interviews, you should make a favourable impression and should establish yourself in your new job fast.

July is terrific for all service orientated jobs and also for drawing up legal contracts and doing business negotiations.

While this month can be very fruitful, you may waste quite a bit of time chatting at work and making needless phone calls or conference trips – now there is nothing wrong with that unless you are very pressed for time, in which case you should keep a close eye on how much time you are wasting as you may miss out on money-making opportunities.

An excellent time for performers who are either attending auditions or looking for bookings.

This is a very good month for corresponding and sending out communications and press releases; it is also a month when you should revamp your website and perhaps look more closely at how well you are using social media and online branding to sell yourself or your business. Update your LinkedIn profile or online CV and think about how to use YouTube and Twitter more in your work. It is a very good time to blog about your areas of expertise or interest – this can be for self-promotion or just to link up with like-minded people.

You will be given added responsibility at work and the chance to lead or manage in office or retail situations.

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