Leo July 2018

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

Single Leo are cautious in new romance this month – you will hold back on your feelings and be inclined to take things slowly. This is ideal for new relationships with colleagues or people you meet via your profession; it is also favourable for age gap relationships. Single Leo will gravitate to people who exude a quiet, understated confidence, and who offer an anchor; this is not a very adventurous time in romance, it is time for something that feels safe and solid. Perhaps it is due to the shifting sands in the Leo’s life; the subtle yet obvious changes that are taking place, that it is in relationships that you crave stability and constancy.

This is a time when Leo value stability, strength and responsibility in a partner. When you feel secure you are at your most loving, sensual and sexy; however, if you have a trust issue or sense weakness in your partner, you can find it very hard to relax and be intimate.

Leo will not be patient with lovers who are very emotional or attentionseeking – you need them to step up to the plate and be mature, not act like a kid.

Romance needs both commitment and extra effort this month due to a great amount of external pressure on the relationship and on your time – you both need to be mature and sensible about how you deal with external irritants, i.e. ex partners or children. Your partner needs to support, not put additional pressure on you. You must acknowledge the commitments you both have, and both need to make time to nurture each other, rather than taking things out on each other or whinging in an unproductive way.

Leo Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

There is a subtle change in you this month – you are more adaptable, more open to change and less likely to cling sentimentally to symbols and objects from the past. You are able to sense the subtle changes around you and act long before they occur to lessen their impact. Suddenly changes you were dreading, you will begin to embrace and feel more positive about. Keep your plans flexible as this is the beginning of a period of information flow and new developments. This is not the time to be complacent or demoralised as your perspective can alter dramatically due to overnight changes.

You may find yourself in a new social circle this month, and you may feel like a fish out of water – it may be via work, via a new love partner or because you are in a new neighbourhood, but you will be thrust among people who you may not understand and who may not get you. You will need to hang back for a while and slowly warm them up. Best not to go in all guns blazing with a ‘take me as I am’ approach – see how they operate and work your way in with consistency.

In all of your ongoing projects, being consistent despite obstacles is an excellent strategy – show your client, your boss or your customers that while everything may change, you will always be solid in terms of service, information and a personable approach.

Leos have so much flair and drive; you love to create and entertain, and yet this month is more about perfecting and refining your skills or your end product. You should not be in a rush to put out new material; the focus should be on polishing up existing material, products, writings or skills. Any insecurity right now can actually drive you to work harder to create a better end product. You should seek out criticism and not shy away from it, as right now some constructive criticism is very helpful.

Leo Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

In creative fields, you will be subject to constraints and controls that can make doing your work harder, i.e. less funding, more regulation, union restrictions, etc. – you need that flexible approach to react quickly and find ways around it.

You may have to go for additional training for the purpose of expanding the services you offer or enhancing your business and saving money, i.e. you may be a dancer who gets website creation training to aid you in running your own website and saving costs. Being more self-reliant is a theme, and so any skills you can learn that can save you time and money within your dayto- day work is valuable. This can mean DIY skills, which save you calling in a handyman when things go wrong in your guesthouse or IT skills so that you can fix your own PC and do not lose time while your equipment is down.

Being creative is hard work this month as the juices just are not flowing, and you are not feeling very inspired. This is a time when you go back to techniques and basics to kick start your artistic projects – there is nothing wrong with looking to the past for inspiration and sticking to more tried and trusted themes and methods to get you started.

In all jobs, the management and organisational side as opposed to the marketing, selling, promoting or creative sides is important – you must ensure you operate efficiently and have a systematic approach that ensures nothing gets left undone. In all jobs now there is an element of multitasking, and if you are not organised by nature, something always gets neglected, and so this month you want to ensure you have lists and systems that ensure everything that demands your attention gets it and timeously.

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