Libra July 2018

Libra Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

A very good month for meeting new love partners via clubs, associations and shared interest groups. You are very sexual and affectionate right now, and the physical side of the relationship is vital.

You can exhaust you partner in July as you have so much energy and so much planned. I am not saying that you are selfish, but you can be a little consumed with your own goals and activities, so much so that you almost subconsciously shut your partner out – you need to make a conscious effort to listen better and react with more enthusiasm to what your husband or partner is saying or feeling but without compromising on your areas of focus.

Partnership and love matter very much to Librans right now, but so does having an unrestrained and unrestricted approach to life. If the Libran’s lover thinks that compromise and towing the line are key to the relationship, then he/she is in for a shock as Librans are free spirits, who question all rules and conventions right now, and who please themselves at will.

This period is excellent for Librans, who have become too conciliatory, too malleable and compliant for the sake of harmony. People pleasing is great, but every so often you need to break out of that mode of being what others want you to be and be all about YOU.

Libra Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

This is a highly social month where you will arrange many social events and get-togethers. Sometimes you can find coordinating your friends very hard, and you should not be disheartened if not everyone comes around to your way of thinking and playing ball. There can be some friction in friendships, but that is more due to personality clashes and will tend to occur with the friends you are most similar to.

There may be trips away with friends or nights out – do be sure to make firm financial arrangements from the start on who pays for what as any lack of clarity can cause disagreements later on.

Teamwork and group efforts will be a theme of the month, and if you are the team leader you can have great satisfaction and results; however, you are not suited to the role of follower and will find that you may drift off and lose interest if you have no significant say in the group decisions.

Librans are known for their balance and ability to persuade, be diplomatic and work with groups; however, Librans are in a highly individualistic mood right now where they are resistant to control, taking orders or even cooperating. You are not like yourself at all right now, and you are impatient and far more impulsive – this is actually a very interesting time as you will feel a release in that you can say it as it is and be more direct, less diplomatic and more true to yourself.

Libra Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

Cash flow and the slowness of clients to pay can prove a problem in the first week of this month. You may find that you do not have as much money to play with, and this can lead to some clever budgeting and moving about of money.

Your ability to follow through can give you a very strong competitive advantage this month; you need to be decisive and keep the ball rolling on all your projects – this will keep you ahead of the competition. Try hard not to be distracted by issues that are not central to your work, try not to be drawn into office gossip and socialising at work as it can be counterproductive. Teamwork can hold you back and so work independently as much as possible as others you are working with may be distracting.

New contacts in business will come into focus, but it will take you some time to see how best you can work with them and capitalise on what they offer. You may have to learn new computer programs or get used to new IT systems at work; you may be excited about the opportunities they offer to speed things up, and yet the implementation and changeover can be rather frustrating and drawn out.

Political rallies and the launching of websites that are aimed at business to business marketing or sharing of information can be very successful.

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