Pisces July 2018

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

Do you know that most successful relationships are those that start in the workplace? Indeed, work is a very common and also safe place to meet people as you have mutual friends, you can build up a knowledge of the person, and you at least know they have a job, right? Love can blossom in the workplace this month, especially if you work in a large company or if your work involves travelling to the various branches or locations controlled by your company. You may go on a team building exercise arranged by your workplace and find that you get on very well with someone from another department.

Holidays are an ideal way to inject passion into marriages and long-term relationships; in fact, the change and variety a change of scenery brings can bring out the sexual and playful side of you again, and this enhances intimacy. It may actually be the case that you feel able to let your hair down and relax in a warmer climate far from home.

Relationships can often start with a mutual interest in pets, and so if you are walking your dog, taking your dog for training or at the vets waiting for your cat to be seen to, love could strike.

Pisces Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

It is a challenge to work with others; you are liable to be rash and your impatience is coming to the fore. You have such a clear vision that it is hard to come to terms with differences, especially when you have to deal with conservative and regressive thinkers. Sometimes you lash out and lose your temper in a way that is counterproductive. The month tends to be more successful if you are in a position of creative leadership or where you work for yourself and can choose your own direction.

Bureaucracy tends to be a problem, and you may have reams of paperwork to deal with, and this can be an annoyance – you are best to set specific time aside to deal with it as the more you leave it, the worse it gets.

You have a hunger for challenge and adventure now and are not good at dealing with routine chores. This month is perfect for any task that you really need to get your teeth into, and it also favours those jobs that require some travelling, even over short distances. Whether you travel by car, train or plane, the journeys themselves can be inspiring and even cathartic in a way.

This is an ideal month for a holiday where you take a caravan or motor home and travel from town to town cross country or indeed a cruise with many stop offs. Your curiosity is insatiable, and you really need the stimulation of new places with a different buzz and vibe about them.

Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

The vibe in the office is good this month, and you can work well with your colleagues. Moral tends to be high, and there is a feel-good factor at work that makes the daily 9-5 go faster. There may be work-related social events that can stimulate better communication, and friendships can blossom. New recruits can also bring added interest and an injection of cheerful banter to the workplace.

This month is very good for fashion designers, hairdressers, beauticians or any person who sells beauty or health and well-being products. In these industries, marketing and promotional activities can be highly successful in July.

You are very tactful and diplomatic right now and have a way of getting people to do what you want them to do; you can be subtly persuasive.

Structure and technique are very important in all artistic and creative fields, and so remember to do the basics well and make sure work is content rich, and remember context is everything.

This month is one when many Pisceans will have contact with the medical fields – you may embark on training to be a nurse, start your own pharmacy, train as a dental assistant, start up a dentist practice, get a management role in a hospital or become a pharmaceutical sales rep. So, if you are already involved in a career associated with medicine, this can be the month you set up your own practice; if you are unemployed/school leaver you may think about training in something medical, dental or veterinary, and if you work in admin/accounts or even law, you may find that you have a big client in a medical field, or you need to increase your clinical knowledge for a case you are working on.

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