Sagittarius July 2018

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

Respect is key in relationships this month. If you are in a new romance, you will make a point of setting out your likes, dislikes and red flags – you want clarity from the start. This is not a hazy, rose coloured glasses time in life; it is a period where you want to tackle the serious and fundamental issues that are the backbone of the relationship. You are more aware of your deeper needs regarding love and long-term unions and will not be satisfied with ‘window dressing’ – you are not going to accept a sticking plaster over the cracks in the relationship, you need to get to the heart of it.

Sagittarians are fearless in relationships right now, which means you won’t opt for diplomacy to avoid an argument. You will say what needs to be said, and the air will get cleared for better or for worse. Sagittarians want depth, loyalty and commitment, and if they have to stir up some drama to make their point, they will.

Sagittarians may be surprised by their own emotional intensity this year in general, and this month it is certainly true; however, with that intensity comes a greater fire and passion that makes sex life more exciting and stimulating on many levels.

Sagittarius Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

There is a strong need to refine, redefine and also to protect yourself. This month will see a re-think in terms of health, diet and also regarding personal boundaries.

Sagittarians may feel the need to limit contact with certain people; it is not that you want to cut people out of your life, but you feel you need to be more discerning about who you share emotions and deeper thoughts with. It may be that you experience disappointment in a ‘friend’ and this encourages you to rethink your relationships that are valuable and totally honest and those that are not. July is a time when you will steer clear of sycophants and flatterers; you are after honest and down to earth people who say what they mean and mean what they say. This is not a month when you have time for superficial contact with others – in terms of social life, family and work, if you cannot trust someone, you will not waste time on them.

July is an excellent time for weight loss programs, fitness regimes or beginning a new sport. Even if you are already having success regarding getting fitter, losing weight, improving self-image. etc., this is the month to take those goals to the next level and create further milestones to aim for.

You are often introspective this month, and you may read books on philosophy, psychology or perhaps autobiographies of people you relate to, to gain a better insight into yourself and your own internal battles. We all have inner battles to do with insecurity, lack of confidence and the secret worries we carry around, and this month you need to address those to gain a new perspective on them. In many ways, total self-honesty and reflection can be the start of healing and better relationships.

Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

There is a definite focus on communication, travel and learning this month. July is ideal for any Sagittarians in teaching or academia regarding fulfilment from your work and success at reaching an audience and getting your message heard.

This is an ideal time to schedule a conference, make a speech or launch a promotional effort. You are both eloquent and inspiring right now and can rouse others to action with your idealistic and positive message; what you lack, however, is practicality and the ability to understand the details, which is why you should not shun advice or cooperation from others.

There is a tendency to get so caught up in your ideas and the enthusiasm that you overlook the obvious, you may not see what is right in front of your nose at times. So be big and bold but know how to calm yourself down and take a long hard look at the details, which although a little boring, are still crucial. You may travel in connection with your work, and even if you do not actually travel overseas, you may still have many cross-cultural and international interaction with clients and business partners. There is a very global feel to what you do this month, and everything seems to be more important.

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