Virgo July 2018

Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

This month it is better to say what you think when you think it, even at the risk of being blunt. A few sighs or rolled eyes will not end up being sufficient, and so you may as well just say what is on your mind and get it out there.

It’s a good month to approach subjects in relationships as you can think quickly and get to the point without being too emotional. It should not all be one way though, and you should try and see where you too may be at fault.

Relationships are enhanced this month by plenty of witty banter and lively conversation. It is a mentally stimulating time when communication flows, and the quality of exchange is both emotional and entertaining. Virgos are very responsive to mental stimulation in relationships, and this enhances your love life as well, as you are turned on by meetings of the mind.

Virgos, single and married may find that texting, emailing or more traditional love letters add to the excitement and help get romance going – carefully chosen words can be very arousing. In some cases, Virgo may write an angry letter to their partner as a way of letting off steam and making sure that you get everything said before one of you storms off and slams the door – this can be an excellent way to address differences and resolve them.

Virgo Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

Words not deeds is the key phrase this month. You can be very effective in driving a message home, creating awareness and stirring up action, but wary of writing or speaking. This is an excellent month for debate and discussion, especially if you have to sway an audience. You are quite competitive intellectually now and will strive to know more and prepare better than your colleagues or workmates.

If you feel the need for firm and constructive confrontation with either siblings or neighbours, this is a good time. You have a need to set boundaries and set the record straight, and so your everyday relationships go more smoothly and with less fuss.

This is a very busy time and one filled with ideas – it is vital to have a diary and to make notes and keep records as so much new information will come to you, and it will be hard to retain it all.

Knowledge is also power in July, and so whatever you can find out or work out will be to your advantage – this is a great time for developing laboursaving ideas, new computer programs, new concepts or new systems.

Experience and hands-on knowledge can be very much to your advantage, and you will have an upper hand over those with less defined skills and less on the job knowledge. It is not all about know-how but what you do with it, and this month you have the leadership and initiative to see new and better ways to do things.

Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

You can be very concise and efficient in all your communications, which can increase your productivity. You do need to guard against being abrupt, as with so much to achieve this month, you may come across as curt, even if you are just busy. You need to be a little more diplomatic in July and perhaps listen a little more – you may tend to switch off when others talk, and you may miss something important.

Eager to learn, you are quick to pick up new skills and languages (both foreign and computer) this month.

Travel locally for business can be a feature of this month, and there may well be many trips. You may have cause to visit large government offices to give training or negotiate a contract for something like catering, hospitality or public relations.

This month is a suitable time to initiate a complaint or legal proceedings against those who have wronged you, broken a contract or owe you money. In your business, you may employ a very competitive strategy this month, i.e. price war, bidding aggressively for contracts, locking in suppliers, gaining exclusivity rights.

Those of you who are employed may experience some uncertainty about future pay, benefits or terms of employment due to changes going on in your company – this is a very good time to communicate with colleagues and your union and to know your rights.

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