Aquarius Horoscope September 2018

Aquarius in September 2018

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope September 2018

Creative energy must be released this month. You can be more relaxed and achieve meaning and well-being by immersing yourself in something creative or imaginative. You need to let your imagination have free rein. It is a time when your need to escape is very strong, and while you may not be able to physically get away from your routines and responsibilities, mentally and emotionally you do need to.

For those of you who are artistic, this is an inspired time of tapping into deeply emotional issues and expressing them as art. For others, this is a time when you may be able to express yourself via dance, poetry or art better than you can in words. September is very much about what inspires and motivates you at a very deep level, and you can almost sense the divine in very small everyday things. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by the materialistic and harsh side of life, even if you have lost faith in humanity, this is a time when you can feel the awesome power of nature, natural beauty, and can once again feel your destiny and the importance of that destiny.

You may spend money this month on art, collectables or theatre trips. You may also take a cultural city break.

The tendency this month is to accumulate, and you can be highly sentimental about possessions; what you really need is a clear out to make way for the new. There really are some things you should let go of – make a decision to let go of the things that no longer add value to your life, be they possessions, emotions or memories.

If you have had a bad experience, this is an ideal time to tear up or burn anything connected to that experience, i.e., paperwork, newspaper cuttings, photos or indeed delete any digital traces.

Aquarius Love September 2018

Tolerance and acceptance are key in love; Aquarians are usually very good when it comes to being tolerant and accepting, but sometimes when you are passionately in love, that can go out the window, and you can become a little dogmatic and bolshy about things.

Financial matters can cause tension in relationships as you may disagree over how to spend and or save; what one of you thinks is worthwhile, the other sees as wasteful.

In new relationships, it may be the case that you have moved in together and are discussing how to allocate rent and expenses; this will not be straightforward. In marriages, there will also be issues surrounding the joint cheque account, or it may be that due to one of you taking time off work or changing job, the balance of power regarding who brings in more has changed. The amount of money you contribute to the partnership will influence your power or perceived power, but the important thing is not to undervalue the non-money side of the relationship.

Do not let money come between you.

Aquarius Career September 2018

This month is ideal for those who work creatively with others and those who tour – so for dancers, actors, comedians or musicians who make their money by going from city to city, this is a very good month. It can also be highly productive for students who are living together and working on a project.

The theme this month is creative achievement and the generating of interesting ideas and concepts with limited resources. When I think about this month, I can picture writers going on a retreat, artists going on a cultural trip for ideas, designers going to fashion weeks to get ideas for new designs, dress makers looking at exotic fabrics or musicians jamming. It is all about getting ideas, experimenting, working not in isolation but with others and not doing the work 9-5, but living in. This is why this favours any performer on tour as you are with colleagues and away from home, so totally immersed in work.

A very good month for those of you who are activists and want to do sit ins or protests.

In business, September sees the sacrifice of personal values, control over personal finances and or stability to increase the likelihood of external funding. So while there can be a large injection of cash from an outside investor, the sacrifices are rather personal and may not be palatable to you. It also indicates a loss of personal control and a feeling of being opened up, almost naked in the face of a new wave. Financially prosperous opportunities can open up to you, but there is this big question mark you have; almost a fear of letting yourself drift into the unknown. It comes down to how much uncertainty you can put up with, how much change do you feel up to and will you actually be comfortable in the new role, i.e., can you see yourself there; is the prize (not only monetary but intellectually) worth it?

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