Aquarius Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Aquarius Love August 2018

Intensity is once again the name of the game in relationships, and Aquarians may be pushing their partner’s buttons just to see how much they care. It is also about exploring the depths of the relationship and that can be done in many ways, but in-depth conversation is certainly one, sex is another. This is a time to learn more about sex, to understand your sexual needs and those of your partner and to incorporate new sexual activities or games that can provide a stimulus for better sexual fulfilment. Reading erotica together or sexual literature and discussing new methods is a wonderful way to improve sex and communication. It is very important for Aquarians to laugh right now; you are very intense and need to relax and let your hair down. Some teasing, tickling or reading dirty jokes together may be the ticket, but get the humour back in the bedroom as it’s all a bit serious. Talk about your sex life more and remember that conversation after sex is also very important as in that relaxed state, it is much easier to open up.

Aquarians should not be passive aggressive in love. In all romantic relationships, you have quite a bit of emotion stored up, and you are not finding it easy to express it and frustration both sexual and emotional is building. Do not rile your partner into expressing your anger; own them and deal with them.

Remember to laugh, don’t take it all so seriously. Laughter can release much of your pent up angst and frustration, making your love and sex life far smoother.

Aquarius Life August 2018

New goals, the adjustment of goals and the elimination of some other goals. You need to review how you are going about getting things that are important to you – in some cases, you will have to narrow your focus and make sure that you concentrate energy rather than scattering it. It is time for a concerted push, and strategy and planning are vital. This is not a time when things happen by chance or fall into place without careful design, and so you have to be strategic and thoughtful. Consistency is very important; you must make sure that all your activities dovetail rather than detract from your key aims.

You can be overwhelmed with information this month, which is why you need to be focused on core aims as it is so easy to become distracted by what is not very important. You will have to go through things very quickly with little time to analyse before you discard what cannot be used. You may not want to commit to anything as you may feel that you really need to give everything your attention, but you should act decisively as the sooner you make decisions and discard what you don’t need (regarding input, information or assistance) the better. Decisiveness earns you more respect that weighing options endlessly.

There is a thrill out of following a hunch or acting on impulse; in fact, if you have a clear vision of what you want, you can make good decision about how to get there, even without the full facts. You can allow yourself to believe in things that do not entirely make sense, as that belief can be more powerful than logic right now.

You are again driven by passion this month and that passion can inspire others and draw them to your side. Your life is enriched by acting bravely, challenging the status quo and listening to the inner voice.

Aquarius Career August 2018

Negotiating and compromising with those you share resources with is vital this month. So if you are a partner in a company or have pooled resources in a project, this is a month of intense debate, planning and discussion, and you will have to go the extra mile regarding diplomacy.

Money is key right now, and it can be a very good month for any of you who work with the funds of others regarding investing or managing. Accountants and lawyers may do more work in relation to mergers and acquisition, bankruptcy and liquidation matters. In any career, you may be promoted to a financial position, i.e., treasurer, financial manager, purser or you may receive on the job training in something like bookkeeping or financial management.

You have great team leadership skills this month; however, you will be tough and require discipline; you have no time for those who do not pull their weight and will not hold back on saying so. You can do well where there is a clear financial motive or target, and you are very good at motivating others to reach sales or monetary goals.

You are very curious about what motivates people, and you are rather good at sensing the abilities and talents of others which they may not even be aware of and bringing those to the fore. You have a very keen perception of the underlying motives of others, and you can use this to help you understand and manage your teams or staff.

Your ability to read between the lines and see what is not obvious, especially regarding human behaviour, is key right now.

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