Aries Horoscope Yearly Overview 2019

Aries Overview 2019

Horoscope 2019 for Aries Sign

Many of the trends that we’ve written about in previous years are still very much in effect in 2019. Uranus has been in your sign for over five years now and those of you born before April 9 have been feeling its influence the strongest. Uranus brings sudden and dramatic change, and there is no question that most of you Aries people are in dramatically different conditions and circumstances than you were five years ago. And the change is not finished. Those of you born after April 9 are feeling this especially strongly this year. You are redefining yourself – your image and personality.

You are exploring your personal freedom. Many old ties and obligations have gone by the board over the past five years. Many seemingly ‘bed rock’ structures in your life are no longer there. You have been learning to deal with major change – to find stability as the changes happen around you. Pluto has been in your 10th house of career since 2011 and will be there for many years to come. This shows career changes, both personal and in your industry. It also shows that you’ve been dealing with issues around death and perhaps surgeries. Many Aries have had near-death type experiences.

Neptune has been in your spiritual 12th house since February 2015 (he flirted with this house in 2014, but entered permanently in 2015). Thus the spiritual life is very active these days and many are seeing the spiritual agenda behind all the changes and dramas that are going on. Neptune will remain in your 12th house for many years to come.

Saturn has been in your 9th house since late 2017 and will be there for the year ahead. This is basically a happy transit that boosts your career. You’re travelling this year, but it’s more related to business, not so much for pleasure. Students at college level have to work harder on their studies.

The main headline this year is Jupiter’s move from your 6th to your 7th house on September 10. This will make the year ahead a banner love and social year – one of the best in your life. For some of you, it will be the best you’ve ever known. Much depends on your age. Love is in the air and marriages or serious committed relationships are likely. More on this later.

Your areas of greatest interest this year are: the body and image; health and work (until September 10); love, romance and social activities (from September 10 onwards); foreign travel, higher education, religion and philosophy; career; and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are health and work; and love and romance (after September 10).

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