Aries Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Aries Love August 2018

You are witty and playful this month, and single Aries will take a devil-maycare attitude in love, risking a little embarrassment to make an impression. Potential lovers will be impressed by your forthright and open manner in love. This is a great time to meet new lovers, and yet new relationships can be very unpredictable and rather up and down – it will be exciting, but it will remain to be seen if they will last. Relationships with employees or clients are also likely, but they can be complicated – indeed, the complications may be what makes them exciting.

Relationships that are newly formed, i.e. in the last year, may experience the first real hitches and problems. It may be that the honeymoon period is over, and you may want to express yourself and have more freedom when your partner may not be ready to let you go. There may be a mismatch of needs in your relationships, and sudden arguments and disagreements are possible. You are headstrong right now and will not want to yield to control – this is not a time when you want to hold back and be compromising. Your partner will need to take a step back and allow you some space this month. The hurdles this month are part of a relationship dynamic and part of you learning to know each other at a deeper level.

Aries Life August 2018

This month you are highly creative and will initiate many new projects and get to work on long-term goals – remember that every great thing starts with baby steps. You have the confidence to take the lead in social, sporting, creative and professional endeavours and are highly enterprising. Aries are initiators, and you feel very much in touch with your core self and your destiny when you are starting new things and leading others.

Past experience can be very helpful to you right now, and you may find that you are using skills and abilities that you honed years back, but which suddenly have never been more useful. You may also think about going back to college to either further a degree or update a degree.

In sporting pursuits, you are very competitive, and this is a winning month where you can have success in anything competitive. You can also nail positions, i.e. a university or college place by dint of your personality and enthusiasm.

You will be attracted to activities that require vigour and spirit; in fact, in some cases you will be attracted to reckless activates or may act on dares. This is a time when even daft ideas can come off – don’t take it to extremes, though!

You must pay attention to health and diet this month – allergic reactions and illnesses should not be passed off as viruses; you should look for underlying issues.

Aries Career August 2018

This month is very productive for those of you in artistic careers that involve tools, i.e. sculpture, pottery, jewellery making, building, etc. You can bring your ideas to life quickly and can get recognition. This month is ideal for working with kids, especially in physical education.

This month is also ideal for those pursuing aviation as a hobby or career, and what better time to take flying lessons?

You may travel within your work, especially if you are travelling to train or teach others. You may also need to travel to sort out issues arising in branches overseas.

If you are self-employed, this is the month to set the wheels in motion of new publicity and promotional activities. If you work in academia, this month is excellent for publishing papers.

Moral dilemmas are common at work – you may have to do something that conflicts with your beliefs or that creates a no-win situation. You will be called to make decisions that are hardly black and white in terms of right and wrong, and it is up to you to act in a way that means your conscience is clear. You may choose one side thinking it is the right way to go, only to find that to your surprise no one agree with you – it is as if the moral codes keep changing, and you cannot keep up.

In whatever you do, beware of hypocrisy – be consistent and rise above pettiness.

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