Cancer Horoscope September 2018

Cancer in September 2018

Cancer September 2018

You should think twice before you to commit to anything this month as what looks great one moment may quickly lose its appeal.

Travel (for business or pleasure) will definitely be a part of your life this month, yet it can often work out very differently than expected and not badly at all. Having an open mind is vital, as something this month can take you by surprise, and you may take time to deal with it – it need not be a bad thing, just something unexpected you need to adjust to emotionally. This month is one of surprise communications – a relative may pitch up out of the blue, or one of your neighbours may become disruptive or engage in annoying building work, causing disruption to your day to day life.

This month is ideal for those embarking on further education or who are taking up a language course; in fact, even if you hated school or study, this may be the time for a change of attitude, which may lead to you taking a course or entering a college. The big life direction change for you this month is new skills and knowledge to expand your horizons and introduce you to a new social set and a different set of priorities. You should embrace any chance to study or actively seek out local courses or private tuition.

Cancer Love September 2018

Love relationships are benefitted this month due to a harmonious atmosphere in the home. Established relationships will fair very well; however, new relationships may suffer as one of you may feel indebted or somehow influenced by the family pressure, and that may place a strain on the budding romance.

New relationships where cultural and heritage is similar can have more pluses this month than relationships where there are big gaps in terms of beliefs and background; differences will be magnified this month and will take more energy to get over.

Couples who have a strong working relationship and who enjoy family related events and activates will have a very loving and affectionate month. Many couples rely on adventures and travel together to keep the interest up, and in these cases, you may find this month rather boring and restrictive.

Another problem this month is perceived hypocritical attitudes toward the respective sets of parents – it may seem that one set of parents is far more demanding and requires more attention or perhaps has too much control. How you deal with your parents and in-laws and issues to do with fairness and time allocated to each can come up.

Cancer Career September 2018

This month is excellent for any business related to real estate, agriculture, farming, home decorating or furniture. It is also very profitable for companies or individuals who offer services to the elderly in their homes, i.e., care assistants, meals on wheels, home hairdressing, disability products, internet help for grey surfers. It is very important to address the older generation in your business and think about products or services they can benefit from, i.e., takeaway that is not pizza or burgers. Printing and technology services for the older generation who are not internet savvy or who do not have access to a PC or printer can provide an opportunity if you are unemployed.

There are also opportunities in travel for the over 60s, travel insurance for over 60s and other luxury goods aimed at pensioners.

This month is ideal for working from home or to begin using your home office or increasing the amount of time you spend working from home. Intellectual property rights are very important right now, and writers, researchers, publishers and anyone who produces original content must take steps to register or protect their work. Be careful when sending out work for proofreading or printing that is protected. Send anything important or urgent registered.

Beware of the rumour mill in your office in line of work as if you believe it, you may be found to be the bigger fool.

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