Cancer Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Cancer Love August 2018

Single Cancerians may meet a new partner via their pet – pets are important this month, and you may either get a pet or take your pet to the vet, and this is where you may meet someone compatible. You may also join a Facebook group associated with your breed of dog, and this is a good place to meet like-minded people, who are new to you and can open up your love life.

Someone at work, who is giving you a hard time, may actually fancy you – if someone is being difficult, do not take it personally, let it go over your head and wait – they may suddenly start to show their true feelings.

This is very good for new relationships as you will meet people with shared values, and your new partner will open up to you very quickly meaning that the relationship develops fast, and that you will feel a shared bond due to secrets and feelings shared.

In marriage, mutual respect for the work each puts into the relations is essential – the more you value what each brings to the relationship, the better things will go. Problems in marriages arise where one feels that the other is not cooperating, or where one partner perhaps values work more than the marriage. This is a month to call if you are going to be late; to pick up after yourself; to do the cooking, even if it’s not your ‘job’ – every little bit counts, and every extra bit of consideration or appreciation you can show goes a long way in terms of love and romance.

Love and happiness are to be found in small everyday things rather than in big grand gestures. A small foot rub before bed could be the most erotic thing ever.

Cancer Life August 2018

This is the month to get well and truly stuck into administrative and organisational chores both at work and at home. Use any spare time to draw up lists or rosters to keep both you and your family organised and aware of the roles you should all be playing. This is also a great time for study plans or if you are self-employed for updating client lists, client data or your billing procedures. You may also think about clearing out cupboards and doing a massive de-clutter before fall (or spring).

This is also a month to make sure everything you use day to day, i.e. car, laptop, etc. and take for granted is looked after, and that includes your body. Back up all your data, get your car wheels or oil changed and make sure that physically you are more aware of being hydrated, get enough sleep, and introduce more variety into your food choices.

Responsibility is key now – what you look after will look after you, and so pay attention to maintenance issues at work and home, and you can save a great amount of time and money attending to breakdowns. See problems that can arise and look at ways to avoid them – this is a month of caution and time saving by taking precautions and acting to circumvent any issues on the horizon that will challenge you.

Health issues to do with the time of year may affect you, i.e., in the northern hemisphere you may have hay fever, asthma, heatstroke, dehydration, prickly heat or bites or in the Southern Hemisphere, flu, arthritis, aches and pains or coughs. Make sure you are well-stocked with remedies, painkillers, antihistamines, creams and also take precautions while eating more fruit and veg and avoiding preservatives, additives and colourants, which make all these conditions worse.

This is an ideal time for those of you who want to begin a diet or fitness regime, and even if you are beginning to train for a marathon or triathlon, this is the time to start.

Being strict with yourself and introducing regimes into your daily life can make you feel very good and also in control, and the power you generate within from success with your diet or fitness will radiate out and help you to perform better in all aspects of your life.

Cancer Career August 2018

This is a very good month for investment in your business if you are in the health and well-being industries. If you sell products or provide services to the public, you may want to increase the amount of literature or educational materials you offer on your website or in booklet form. This month is also ideal for food companies or caterers who offer low cost, low-fat or packaged meals. This may be a good time to create new meals or a new menu if you run a restaurant, or provide meals for a hospital/hotel/company as you may want to take advantage of new eating trends, i.e. gluten free or paleo.

If you are thinking of a new career, you may want to take a nutritional therapy course, alternate medicine course or perhaps become a rep for a health supplement firm – there are opportunities for work in the health care and healthy living field, and since it is such a massive growth industry, which is totally compatible with Cancerian traits and values, you should explore opportunities in these fields.

Loose lips sink ships – you have the tendency to say things off the cuff, which can cause unintended problems. You have a tad of verbal diarrhoea and should not be too familiar with clients and customers as you may end up giving too much away or saying the wrong thing. Try not to drink at work events.

You are very skilled at writing, especially in foreign languages this month – if you do have a second or third language at your disposal, you should use it more creatively. Setting up trade with other countries and expanding your client base overseas can be very profitable this month. This is also a very fortunate month for travel agents in terms of your winter bookings.

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