Capricorn Horoscope September 2018

Capricorn in September 2018

Capricorn September 2018

Last month was a little like driving with the brake on, but this month it is all go again with renewed vitality and enthusiasm.

This is an extremely auspicious time for those of you embarking on a new year of study or beginning university or a mature student course. You are very open to new experiences this month, and your spirit of adventure is in full swing – you will take some risks and thrust yourself into the heart of the action.

You are very open-minded, and this is a month when new ideas abound – a great time to generate plans, strategies and compile wish lists. There is suddenly an I can do feeling running through you veins, and you are not likely to let anything hold you back.

A period when you may travel somewhere for the very first time. Travel right now has a deep effect on you – you may find another culture creatively inspiring, you may discover a new philosophy, or you may even set your sights on a holiday home in this new destination with which you are so captivated.

This is a month that restores your faith in life and people and gives you a spiritual lift. A great time to announce big news, i.e., engagement, baby on the way, coming out, etc.

Capricorn Love September 2018

Communication and awareness in relationships increase as the month goes on, leading to a far better understanding. Last month, things were very confusing and unclear in love, and in many cases you were giving off strange signals and picking up mixed messages from your partner. This month it is much easier to see what is wrong and how to fix it and also what is right and how to capitalise on that.

You will feel you have more power to direct the relationship this month, and you have the confidence to express your feelings and verbalise your needs.

You are entering a new phase regarding your own development, and as you change your relationship to others, especially intimate relationships, will have to change and adjust. If your partner is totally stubborn and addicted to the status quo, you will have to seriously consider if the relationship remains a good one for you going forward.

Even great relationships need change and growth. Capricorn with Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra will experience the most change in relationships right now, and this is very positive. With other signs, there may be backward looking attitudes to the relationship that can be highly frustrating for you.

Equality in relationships is vital now – you will not play the minor partner.

Capricorn Career September 2018

This month is ideal for career moves that will involve you moving cross country or overseas, or a job promotion could mean that you do extra business travel. It is an ideal time for on the job training and work-related study in to achieve professional qualifications.

Your career is about to expand from now for about a year, and this is a very exciting phase of exciting challenges and new horizons. If you have felt in a rut, now is the perfect time to apply for a new job – but aim high, do not undersell yourself!

Mastery of skills and techniques is a theme of the month, and so if you work with your hands, are into sports or have been trying to get the hang of a language or mental process, this month will see you smashing it.

Professional recognition and public appreciation can come your way this month, so be ready for an influx of enquiries. You may attend many public engagements or society events, and this is an ideal way to raise your profile.

It is common for one to be elevated to the board either of a company, PTA, housing association or organisation under this transit.

Favourable contracts can come your way via your marriage partner.

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