Capricorn Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Capricorn Love August 2018

This is a month when issues in love are sensitive. You are more needy and more vulnerable emotionally right now, and so you need to be careful you do not overreact to what is not really there. Although you require support, affection and love, no amount may be enough for you, and you cannot expect your partner to provide that boost from within that only you can generate by working through things mentally.

It is a time when illusions in love crumble. Be totally honest about the relationship, where it is going and how you feel about it, as no false illusions, no matter how you want to cling to them, can survive this month.

In some relationships, you may feel that things are changing, and yet it is very hard to put your finger on what is different, and you are not easily able to verbalise your feelings to your partner or anyone else. It is not a time when you can ask for advice, and yet it will not prove helpful.

This is also a month to put the ghost of past relationships to bed – you can no longer allow perceptions about the opposite sex based on a previous bad experience to dominate your reactions and even make you suspicious.

Do not ignore the feelings of uncertainty you experience in relationships right now, but do not let them overwhelm you. In the coming months, things will become clearer. One phase of your relationship is melting into another phase, and it may be that the new phase is a more realistic one based on deeper needs and free from romantic illusions.

Capricorn Life August 2018

This month there is something of a crisis of confidence – you will begin to ask yourself what you are doing and are you doing it the best way. You may feel as if you have less energy, and you will also be more vulnerable to criticisms. This month is especially hard for creative projects where you will lack inspiration and may even become despondent with results. You should not allow yourself to despair; this year Capricorns are extremely creative, and when one is creative, one has ups and downs, and it is via those ups and downs that greater inspiration is generated.

You need a supportive environment right now, and if those around you are not saying the right thing, then this is a time to be by yourself and to retreat and mill over things.

This is a month of thinking and going over issues that have troubled you; in some ways you may want to immerse yourself in the past, and even a little self- pity may be part of the process you are going through.

For some Capricorn, past experiences, especially those that were painful can be fertile ground for your creativity and may even provide the cornerstones of something you write about or depict via art. This can be a way of creating finality on those issues and moving on with something positive coming out of it.

You may help others who are battling a psychological, physical or medical problem you have overcome by teaching, mentoring or encouraging. A good time for a very relaxing holiday (i.e., laying at the beach all day) – rather than a holiday packed with sightseeing.

Capricorn Career August 2018

Confidentiality is vital this month, and you need to handle information with care. When it comes to clients, you must be diligent about keeping their details safe and not disclosing anything by mistake.

Computer crashes, hacking, malware, lost software and corruption of data due to viruses can cause you to lose sensitive information about clients or lose data you had worked long and hard on – you cannot be vigilant enough with your computer data storage and retrieval systems this month. Back everything up and make copies; old-fashioned paper copies if need be. Also take care of original documents and signatures, and keep all passwords and PIN numbers safe.

It may also be that you are working on a project that is very much under wraps – i.e., a creative project awaiting a launch or research and development – as secrecy is very much a theme.

It may also be that a workplace romance has to be kept secret from your boss and colleagues.

Contract work for large corporations, NGOs or state departments can come your way, and you may have to pass thorough security checks and a tough bidding process, but it will be worth it.

Not everything will go to plan this month, but that should not deter you – setbacks are an indication that there is a better way forward than how you were going about it.

Those who work in medicine or healthcare can find this month emotionally draining and even upsetting at times, and yet it is also very rewarding.

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