Gemini Horoscope September 2018

Gemini in September 2018

Gemini September 2018

They say you cannot change the past, only what you make of it – this is very true for this month. This is a wonderful chance to put things that have dogged you or caused you grief in the past to bed for good and to be able to move on. You need to take a buck stops here attitude and start dealing with emotional problems or needs that are not being met.

We all tend to blame others at times, and while that can be totally reasonable, blame is not a way forward, it only traps you in the past. This is the time to forgive and look at ways you can make things better for yourself. You may feel you need to cut yourself off from certain things that no longer are any good for you. This is a vital part of the revolution in your life right now, and learning to let go of people and places.

Things may happen this month that will force you to let go, even if you had not planned to – something unexpected may jolt you into a new method or mode of doing things that are ultimately more conducive to your own freedom and growth. Anything you lose right now, you are only losing to be freer and more independent.

Gemini Love September 2018

This is the best time of the year for romance. You are very self-expressive and tend to feel good about who you are, and this aids all sexual encounters. You are very attractive right now and have an air about you that is exciting and appealing. Again, as in other aspects of your life, it is time to throw away the old list and requirements for lovers and open your mind to people that you may not have considered before. There is an air of adventure in your romantic life.

For couples, this is a wonderful time to enjoy each other once again and to start doing things that you have not tried for ages; get out of the rut and begin to enjoy nightlife and activities together again. Romance this month will have more of the deeper and meaningful spiritual connection that you are craving this year – this goes for new and older relationships.

Children can bring you together as a couple, and there will be much to enjoy and be proud of. Your child may be accepted for some prestigious post or role. This is an ideal time to think about starting or extending your family.

Gemini Career September 2018

A very good month for stockbrokers, traders and investors – it is also a good time for anyone who wishes to invest in stocks and shares. If you already have a portfolio, this should be a prosperous month. Just because you are lucky this month, it does not mean there is any excuse for unwise speculation or gambling.

This month is also lucky for winning in sports and games of skill – so it is excellent for all sportspeople and also those who compete in martial arts and even online gaming.

Art can be an effective platform for social comment, and those in the arts may well be involved in successful activism. September is a very successful time for Gemini attending auditions in the competitive world of showbiz.

For those who are not in work, September may bring opportunities to work with children, either in teaching, care, social work or sports. You may well look to take on some training that will enable you to work with children as a career. Writers can do well with children’s books or comics.

This month is a highly creative one, especially for those starting businesses or who work in financial management – you are very good at organising assets to get the most from them and creating financial strategies that enable you to pursue new goals in your business. This is an ideas rich time for those who work in finances, and there are many ways you can create value, save money and make extra money.

Creativity is heightened for all Gemini, and this can bring fulfilment via hobbies or careers, in fact, you may earn money from your hobbies this month.

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