Gemini Horoscope Yearly Overview 2019

Gemini Overview 2019

Horoscope 2019 for Gemini Sign

Saturn spent all of last year in your 7th house of love. He will be there all of this year too. This is testing marriages and existing relationships. They are getting ‘stress tested’. The good relationships will survive almost any kind of stress, but not the flawed ones, and this is the reason for the testing. Only the best will do for you. More on this later.

However, it’s not just love relationships that are getting tested. Uranus in your 11th house of friends is testing friendships too. They come suddenly and they go just as suddenly. There’s more on this later too.

Jupiter moved into your 4th house of home and family on August 12 last year and will be there until September 9. Thus there are happy moves (if they haven’t already happened) in store. There is an expansion of the family circle and happiness from the family. Jupiter will move into your 5th house on September 10 and stay there for the rest of the year. This will be a fun period in life, a period to explore the rapture of life. It will be like a vacation period. You are always idealistic about your career and your work in the world.

But now that Neptune is in your 10th house (as he has been since 2015) the idealism is much stronger. Career has to be more meaningful than just making money or achieving fame. It has to be spiritually meaningful too.

Pluto in your 8th house of transformation and regeneration for many years has forced many of you to get more serious about life. You’ve been dealing with death and near-death types of experiences – both personally and with those around you. This is sobering, but ultimately good. Many of you are involved in projects of personal transformation, and these projects are going well.

Mercury, the ruler of your Horoscope, will be in retrograde motion four times in the year ahead. Usually this happens only three times in a year and it shows that there is more indecision in your life, more need of review and mental clarity. We will deal with these periods in the monthly reports.

Your most important interests in the year ahead are: home and family (until September 9); children, fun and creativity (from September 10 onwards); love and romance; personal transformation, death and rebirth, occult studies and sex; career; and friends, groups and group activities.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are home and family; and children, fun and creativity (from September 10 onwards).

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