Gemini Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Gemini Love August 2018

Feelings are running high this month, and emotional responses can range from the highs to the lows as you are quite erratic. You need to manage expectations a little as the earth cannot move every time – seriously, however, you can be a little over-optimistic or idealistic about life and love, and that can lead to some disappointment when mundane realities set in. Sexual frustration is an issue this month as you are rather insatiable both emotionally and sexually, and it may be impossible to fulfil you; your partner may find you very demanding. At heart, you are in need of reassurance, and there are certain buttons that if pushed can really satisfy you, but if the wrong buttons are pushed, you can be quite explosive. You need to be subtle about explaining to your loved one what you need from them; long conversations are not the way to deal with this month as you have very strong feelings pent up and can easily lose control.

One problem is that you and your loved one are not really on the same page in terms of lovemaking – when he/she is in the mood, you are not, and when you are, he/she isn’t. There can also be some differences on issues to do with the children, discipline, household responsibilities, etc.

Your partner may be being a little tense and quiet for a reason this month – so do not pressure them.

There can be quite a bit of passion this month if you can handle your fluctuating emotions and be more patient. What you do not want to do is come across as a prima donna who expects everyone to walk on eggshells, which is how you may come over, even though this is far from what you are. Spoil yourself and be more tolerant of your partner’s emotions (even if he/she is being emotionally unresponsive), know when to back off, wait for the right moment and then unleash your feelings of love and romance.

Gemini Life August 2018

Home, family life and relationship have very much been a theme of this year. August is a time when the focus again turns to family and your connections to the past. Setting down roots and having an anchor has never been as important to you, especially now that there is so much uncertainty about your life and so much change.

Making your home life more comfortable and pleasurable is also a key aspect of this month, and you will spend less time going out and more time entertaining friends and family at home. You may do DIY projects with your partner, i.e. garden landscaping, decking, a pool, a pool table, etc.

For some Gemini, you may be considering a major move, i.e. moving to another country – the reason can again be to do with security and establishing a base in a country or state where economic and job prospects or life, in general, is more safe and secure. For other Gemini, it may be moving back to your home town or country after a spell away – the theme is increasing security and happiness, and so you will either move or work to improve your living conditions. Whatever you do, it will herald a positive new phase in your home life.

It may also be that you finally get enough cash together for a deposit on a home or that changes in lending requirements/interest rates/laws, etc. mean that you are suddenly eligible for a home loan and can finally set down roots. Many Gemini may make the last mortgage payment and own their own home outright. You may find a cash buyer for your current home and be able to move to somewhere better or bigger.

You may earn extra money by renting out a room in your home or converting your garage to a flat you can rent out.

This is a time when family members are supportive rather than a burden, and previous issues and problems with both parents, children or home life tend to lessen.

Success for a member of your family may have a spin-off effect for you, i.e. you may travel to see a relative graduate, get an award, or perform in a play/concert.

Gemini Career August 2018

This is a very good month for those who sell pension plans, retirement packages, long-term investments and mutual funds. In any business, it is very important to prepare for economic turbulence and unforeseen events and expenses – make sure you have enough cash or liquid funds available. It is vital to be flexible in your work right now, and this is not the time to commit to long term contracts – you may wish to take advantage of new opportunities or better offers in the coming months, and so you do not want to be locked into onerous contracts with suppliers, landlords or distributors. Things are fast moving right now and so expect the unexpected; be adaptable and ready to jump on the next wave.

It can be hard working with people on a one on one basis this month, and if you are in a career that involves negotiations, legal wrangling or mediation, things can be slow going and you will have to put in quite a bit of effort to get a result. You should not be deterred, however, as you can have much success if you stick with it and go at a steady pace – do not force anything. Your main problem right now is that you are enthusiastic and spontaneous, and you keep coming across people who are conservative and rather cautious, which means you feel inhibited. You need to inject them with some of your energy while learning that perhaps a slower pace can achieve more this month.

This is a month of paying back favours, and so if you were on the receiving end of any favour in the past, expect that person to ask something in return right now – this may be a little uncomfortable, and you will need to work around the situation carefully.

Old problems will tend to rear their head this month and so keep an eye out for them and pre-empt the issue if you can. This is a month where solid and consistent effort with clients and business partners yields rewards, do not rush them.

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