Leo Horoscope September 2018

Leo in September 2018

Leo September 2018

This is a month of increasing financial security and financial progress. It is a good time to start a new investment plan or open a savings account. Time spent planning your money and thinking about pensions and cost-effective borrowing is time wisely spent. You may be trying to arrange finance for big purchase, i.e. house or car or putting in offers – this is a good time to judge the market and get a really good deal without compromising on quality. This month is excellent for negotiating in money matters and driving a hard bargain. There is much information to take on right now whether you are investing, learning, buying something complex, etc., and at times you may feel mentally overloaded, but you are able to cope as long as you tackle things systematically, not with a blitz approach. The pace of this month is very fast, and it can be very good for travelling in connection with conventions, sales or promotional activities. Travel, especially national travel is a feature of your life and can bring you success and enjoyment. Balance is important right now as you can get carried away on tangents that are not connected to your ultimate goal – keep asking yourself – why am I doing this? Am I spending too long on this? Is this getting me closer to a goal? You may find that certain parts of your life start small and suddenly snowball. Suddenly, you find that they have taken over your time, i.e. you agree to babysit for a friend once and suddenly every weekend is spend babysitting her children. You have to learn where to draw lines in all aspects of your life. Try and complete on all contracts and financial transactions before Mercury goes retrograde on the 22nd.

Leo  Love September 2018

September is an excellent time for broaching sensitive issues in the relationship as you can come across in a non-threatening and fluent way. You are able to be sensitive to the needs of your partner and yet firm about matters of importance. You are in a very open frame of mind and are willing to try and meet your partner halfway, which is very helpful. This is a month when problems in relationships can be resolved or at least moved forward. It is also a time to recognise that relationships are dynamic and are works in progress, where the ups and downs should be seen as part of the unfolding of a private drama that can be bittersweet yet incredible beautiful. When the Japanese break a vase, they glue it together and keep it on display as they feel the breaks are what make it unique and even more precious – you should also see your relationship as one when difficulties faced and resolved add to the core value and deepen the pleasure of the union. This plays into the theme of growing through love and evolving in your relationships – relationships that are totally stuck and riddled with stubbornness from both sides will struggle this month and this year. In new relationships, Leo are extremely charming and can make a favourable impression – this is a time when good manners, grace, politeness matter to you, and you will be repelled by any coarse or uncouth behaviour. People will find it easy to relate to and open up to you this month; you are very receptive to emotions and eager to be helpful. Your intelligence and ability to make good conversation will open doors to new love – you may find that you click with someone with similar artistic interests. Love has very much an intellectual side – you are unlikely to be attracted to someone who does not stretch you mentally or does not share your interests. Opposites attract is not the key for Leo this year in love – new romantic partners must be on the same page as you when it comes to likes, mentality, intelligence and a quest for a serious and loving relationship. If lovers just want a passing fling, that will not be for you.

Leo Career September 2018

A good month to negotiate a higher salary – you may feel that you are undervalued, and it may be time for you to use your leverage as an excellent and productive employee to get more benefits, better pay or more flexible hours. Ask yourself if you are over-qualified or have outgrown your current position – while you may be comfortable and happy where you are, you may well need a change as you are not fulfilling your potential. This is the time to push for a new position. In self employment, you may need to re-evaluate your charges and make sure that they reflect your expertise, time and costs – it may well be that you are charging too little, almost underselling and are not covering the value of your time. If you run, say a guesthouse, you may be able to save by cutting back on costs that are not an essential selling point, i.e. fresh flowers, free sherry, extra cakes. Ask yourself, what makes a client come to me? Then get rid of peripheral services that cost you time and money and are not really valued by your clients.

This is an excellent month for trade and business with overseas clients.

Be careful in how you organise your month as over-scheduling could have you rushing about feeling out of control. It is likely that one activity will take up a disproportionate amount of your time, and you may have to put more and more resources into that activity to the detriment of others just to keep it going.

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