Leo Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Leo Love August 2018

You can come across as very sharp and critical this month, and so do not be surprised if your partner has a double take at some of the things you say – you feel as if you are saying it as it is, but you may need to be a little more subtle.

Simplicity is what matters to you in love – you need to get right to the heart of the matter without false pretences and dancing about the key issues. You will not walk on eggshells, and you won’t lose your temper either; you will be inclined to state your opinions in a matter-of-fact way without being overemotional, and this can be very effective.

Sexual attraction is very important in new relationships right now. Chemistry and that instant feeling of interest in a person is what will get love going rather than the friendship first method. New relationships can be very competitive and may even be a little contentious – i.e. you may be fiercely competing against someone at work, and you may not even think you like them and then suddenly, BAM, you find that the tension is all about attraction.

It may be that anger is a defence against passion, i.e. someone who really excites you may enrage you in equal measure. You may almost not want to fall for this person as you know that it will be a very intense relationship, and you are in two minds whether you want that.

Relationships with a good sex life will thrive this month while if you have not been connecting sexually, you may argue and fight and do quite a bit of door slamming and waltzing out in temper. So get your sex life going again, and do not waste all the love, energy, and passion available this month in needless arguing.

Relationships can be strained due to differences about disciplining the children – again, compromise and bridging the gap between differing values is a theme of the year and needs to be worked on consistently and with patience and understanding.

Leo Life August 2018

Your mind is very sharp right now, and you are excellent at dealing with things that require analysis and critical review. You are in a cautious and serious frame of mind and are able to deal with difficult problems and intense responsibility. This month is ideal for taking on people or tasks that often prove hard to handle – you have more patience and have a dogged mental determination that can keep you calm while you grind out a result. This is not really a month for quick turnabouts and results; if you do begin something new, you must be patient in learning the ropes and laying foundations. Results will come slowly at first.

August is a very good month for those pursuing educational or vocational training goals – this is a good time to apply for placements or begin your studies.

You are capable of being very persuasive and can win people over with attention to detail and information provided. You must be thorough and persistent, and you should not allow colleagues to put you off or distract you. This is a very good time for playing to your strengths and keeping an even keel no matter what is going on about you – you are the calm person who delivers when others get flustered.

You need to look after your health this month as your body is more stressed and prone to tiredness than usual, so be sure to take vitamins and minerals (especially magnesium and calcium) and eat plenty of fresh fish, fruit, veg and organic meat.

Leo Career August 2018

An extremely productive and insightful month for those in editing, consulting, data analysis and research. This month is ideal for attention to detail and focus on small print. You are capable of prolonged concentration and focus, and so if you need to take an exam or work to a tight deadline, this is ideal.

Scientific work and publishing of academic papers this month is favoured.

In careers involving manufacturing, there can be delays, late shipments, strikes and equipment breaking down – be aware of this if your deadlines are tight.

Leo have a chance to make an impression by spotting something everyone has missed – this is thus very opportune for those negotiating contracts, in legal proceedings or in criminal matters.

What you cannot do right now is cut corners – you must be diligent and see things through until the end – be careful of delegating work, you will have to check over things thoroughly. In vital business communications, allow time for delays, and be aware that clients may pay more slowly, and so keep an eye on your cash balance as liquidity is vital this month.

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