Libra Career and Money Predictions 2019

Libra Horoscope 2019: Career & Money Forecast

As we mentioned, you have been in a strong prosperity period since August of last year. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune, is making beautiful aspects with your financial planet Pluto. Earnings increase.

Financial opportunities increase. Because Jupiter is in your spiritual 12th house until September 9 this year, the financial intuition is excellent.

Financial guidance will come to you in dreams and through guru or minister types. Psychics, astrologers and other spiritual channels also have important financial guidance. A millisecond of good financial intuition is worth many years of hard labour.

On September 10 Jupiter will cross your Ascendant and enter your 1st house. While this doesn’t necessarily bring wealth, it does bring the high life. There will be more travel, more good food and wine and more pleasures of the senses. Generally these things happen naturally. Nothing special needs to be done. Generally, also, the supply for the high life comes too – you will find that the wherewithal needed for such a lifestyle is provided.

Family support is good all year. A parent or parent figure is not in agreement on financial matters (after September 10) but will be supportive anyway.

Pluto is your financial planet. Generally he rules inheritance. Hopefully no one has to die, but you can be named in someone’s will, or be appointed to some administrative post. Sometimes this aspect indicates earnings from trust funds or insurance claims. Those of you of appropriate age are doing more estate planning these days. Taxes and estates issues are influencing your financial decision-making. Often there are earnings from tax refunds.

Your ability to borrow or pay down debt – depending on your need – is strengthened these days. If you have good ideas it is easy to attract outside money to your projects.

Pluto in your 4th house shows an affinity for real estate – both commercial and residential. It shows an affinity with the bond market – and especially the bonds of traditional blue chip companies. The creative use of debt – creative financing – is also a source of income.

The financial planet in Capricorn shows excellent financial judgement. You get value for your money. You have a long-term perspective on wealth and seem ready to undertake disciplined financial measures to achieve your aims, such as setting up savings and investment programmes. You’re good at budgeting and staying within a budget at the moment (rare for you, Libra). You take a step by step, methodical approach to wealth now, building it for the long term.

This is not an especially strong career year. Your 10th house is for the most part empty. Only short-term planets will pass through here, temporarily boosting the career. But they pass rather quickly. Moreover, most of the longterm planets are below the horizon of your chart. The year ahead is more about family and getting the emotional life in right order. In general we can say that career energy will be strongest on the New and Full Moon and when the Moon is waxing. These periods are best discussed in the monthly reports.

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