Libra Horoscope September 2018

Libra in September 2018

Libra September 2018

There is almost a waiting to see what happens feeling to this month – you will feel something is about to happen, but the time is not ripe yet. It is like you need to wait for things to develop and take shape before you can decide on your next move. You may even be surprised at how some situations end up resolving. In any case, you should not jump the gun as you simply do not have all the information yet.

Do not make assumptions, and do not reply on past methods or modes of dealing with things; you may have to come up with an entirely new approach. Even if you feel clueless and all at sea about what to do next, do not worry as after the 22nd of the month things will begin to click into place, and you will have more information at hand. You will have to make the final connections yourself as nothing is going to be given to you as such; you will have everything you need to make decisions and come to conclusions, but those have to be your own and cannot be copied or handed to you on a plate.

The key this month is to remain flexible and avoid commitments that will be hard to get out of – the situation in many aspects of your life is fluid, and you need wriggle room and the chance to change tack if something important comes up.

Libra Love September 2018

You are very to the point this month and have a slightly short fuse, and so if anything gets on your wick, you will be quick to point that out. Flare-ups of temper do die down fast, and so this is not a month of giving the silent treatment and subtle hints; you will tell it like it is and right away.

Mere discussion can escalate into arguments this month, not always because the issues at stake are important, but because your general irritation and frustration level is high, meaning that it will not take much to make you boil over. You may take things too personally and take offence where none was intended; you may also not want to back down even when the idea you are fighting over is not even a crucial one. Try to take a step back and ask yourself if what you are fighting over is worth it – maybe what you really need is a long hot bubble bath or a gruelling session in the gym just to relax. In fact, it is best to find a way to relax and get rid of all the angst you feel before you take it out on your partner. If your partner is Aries, Capricorn or Sagittarius, they will probably give as good as they get and be happy to forget about it afterwards, but if they are Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Cancer, you may have to eat humble pie for some time as these signs are less forgiving, especially if they feel unfairly wronged.

As long as you make sure arguments are constructive and warranted, then this is a great month to clear the air, set boundaries and improve communication – as long as things do not descend into pettiness and needless insult trading.

Libra Career September 2019

This is a good month to sell ideas and make communications that are designed to influence or instruct. You can achieve a great deal although your focus and patience will let you down as you tend to lose interest in projects that are not moving. You will have to concentrate on directing your energies and having more purpose in what you do, as you will tend to do a bit of this and then switch to a bit of that, and this can end up wasting time.

It can also be a frustrating month as events at work may demand that you drop one thing to rush over to do another, and so even if your own focus is not in question, your ability to follow through on what you start may be challenged by everyday events. Things going on about you from IT malfunctions, server issues, internet speed, snail mail deliveries, vehicle breakdowns, etc. can also raise your blood pressure and distract you from what is important.

Admin and paperwork must be dealt with this month and so get your accounts in order and tidy your desk; save all your computer files systematically – try to start the month as organised as you can so that the frustrations and interruptions are easier to cope with.

You are very assertive and good at making decisions on the spot, and so if anyone can take hold of a crisis and make order out of chaos, it is you.

Drive safely, and if you are using machinery concentrate – accidents are likely right now as with so much on your mind you are not always thinking about what you are doing.

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