Libra Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Libra Love August 2018

Secret love liaisons are very much in vogue in August. It may be that you want to keep the new relationship secret from friends and family as you do not want to invite interference or even comment; you may just want it to be your thing. It may be that you need to keep your relationship secret as you work together, and it could be complicated if colleagues know or even unwise to let your employer know. It may also be that you have not severed ties with your previous partners yet, and so it is not the right time to go public. In some cases, same-sex couples may be waiting for the right time to come out. In all these cases, the secrecy can add to the excitement and magic of the relationship and can aid the sex life.

Even couples who are happily together may want to add more mystery to the relationship, and that may mean trying new things, role play or experimenting with new toys or techniques.

Life is rather stressful, and many of your day to day activities will require a serious non-emotional attitude; you need sex and the freedom you have within the intimate setting to be a little wild and let off steam, and so use your sex life as your bubble of escapism away from everything in this harsh cruel world.

If you are recently in a new relationship, your new partner may be very surprised at how you can be sexually as you may come across as rather reserved and even tense in the course of the day. It is not that Libra want to be tense or reserved, but you have so much on your mind, and some of it weighs heavy.

Libra Life August 2018

Going back and doing something again is something you should never fear this year – perfection and getting things dead right counts. This month is a case in point, and you may have to return to something you did before and now fine tune or correct it. It should not be seen as a waste of time but rather as a chance to make this ‘thing’ more effective and useful and also to learn from a past mistake. There really is only one way to learn, and that is the hard way – when we find something too easy, we can tend to forget it later or are not encouraged to improve on it. Hard lessons are never forgotten. So, that said, this month is about turning weaknesses and vulnerabilities into strengths. Take the time to work on aspects of your personality, your body or your career where you feel you could improve and get better. Do not be afraid to acknowledge weaknesses to yourself and look for ways to turn them around – this is totally possible this month.

Facing fears head on and confronting daunting issues can lead to some extremely positive outcomes and new starts for Libra.

Insomnia can be a problem this month and so try not to become overtired; reduce coffee intake after lunch, and try and boost your energy with bananas, avocado and slow release carbohydrates as artificial boosters can contribute to insomnia.

Libra Career August 2018

There is quite a bit of pressure this month, and it will relate to how you handle people. If you have colleagues or even clients whom you have to organise, it can be challenging, and you will have to give them tight deadlines and targets. Be very specific about what you want from people and give the lists, check sheets or notes, send them memos and make sure they have no excuse not to be in the loop. Ensure that those you work with get their paperwork done in time and make sure that they have been accurate and have documented everything properly. Much time can be spent this month checking up on others and seeing that they have done their jobs properly.

If you are a boss, you need to keep a watchful eye over your employees, and you may have to be stricter about office time spent on Facebook, texting or excessive smoke breaks. It is all about discipline, and not only your own levels of discipline, but ensuring that those you work with do not let the side down. You can be very firm and authoritative this month; you can click into serious gear and are highly productive.

You can work extremely hard this month, and when you have set a target, you can be self-denying regarding reaching it.

You are very purposeful in August, and all your conversations and activities will be geared for results; you will be eager not to waste time on social contact or conversation that is not relevant to work.

An excellent month for research, study, analysis of data, financial planning and business organisation – you are logical and hard-nosed in business and are capable of very sound decisions.

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