Pisces Horoscope September 2018

Pisces September 2018

Pisces Monthly Horoscope September 2018

Organised chaos is a theme for September – the eclipse can create a fog of confusion in your life where suddenly nothing is clear, and making decisions and seeing which way next is very hard. However, the absence of facts can force you to rely on intuitive and perceptive faculties more, and this can be very helpful, so do not be afraid to be guided by gut feel. Facts may actually be misleading and inaccurate, so if you do act according to instinct, you can end up being right.

This is a time when you will suffer from a great deal of indecision – it can be about personal matters, relationships or work. You keep changing your mind and your priorities. It is a time of feeling your way, and trial and error is a big part of it, and so do not be afraid to test out different options. Flexibility is the key, hold back from firm commitments, and be ready to change tack at the drop of a hat. Others may find you fickle this month, but that would be unfair; you are simply responding to a great number of influences and demands for your attention.

This month, you cannot be all things to all people, and you need to accept that or you may place yourself under a crazy amount of pressure.

Pisces Love September 2018

Relationships are intense and complicated this month. You can experience an unconscious and compulsive attraction to another that baffles yet excites you.

In current relationships, you will experience strong reactions and can be turned on and off quickly. Things that annoy you about your partner will be even more annoying than usual, and the things you like will make you melt.

You can go from 0-100 in a few moments when it comes to feeling sexual and also regarding getting angry, but you are full of passion.

Relationships can open you up and teach you more about yourself this month; in fact, relationships are a forum for transformation and the confrontation of issues that dog you.

Power struggles can be a manifestation of the energies this month; they may be subtle. It is all about your partner’s insecurity about his/her role given the changes they can sense in you and your more assertive nature.

Pisces Career September 2018

This month is pivotal regarding your involvement in groups. In the overview, I mentioned that Pisces can gain a sense of personal identity or empowerment via the association with groups or movements; these can be political or creative movements. You may find that you are on a tidal wave of new thought or of positive action to make changes. It is important for you to feel part of something bigger than you, something that will be remembered in generations to come. That can mean you may be campaigning, protesting or educating, but the goals are far-reaching and long-term, and you will be inspired along the way by those who share your ideals and beliefs.

This month is a time when you need to hang out and work with like-minded people from all walks of life – you will be united by a higher purpose.

Loyalty really matters to you, and you will expect high standards of those you work with.

Changes in goals are common this month as some become unfeasible, and others develop momentum; again, flexibility is essential. You need to know when to jump off one bandwagon and onto the next one. It is a time when you feel that anything is possible and are ready get your teeth into ambitious projects, especially if they are part of a new trend.

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